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Tyler Roby Pippen, One fascinating thing about life is that even after some people pass on, the circumstances surrounding their death and what their lifestyle looked like while they were alive are usually what many people are interested in finding out.

Most times, these dead people whose memories the living talk about are usually associated with a wealthy or famous family. Either way, the public is always interested in their stories.

For the public, every detail counts regarding the lifestyle, family, and every other juicy detail they can get about a celebrity. This is why we sometimes write an article on the late loved one(s) of a particular famous person or family.

In this article, we will be talking about the daughter of a famous athlete who died barely as an infant. She was a twin who passed on, living behind the other twin. Since she passed on as an infant and didn’t live long enough to have background info on her, we would be talking mainly about her famous family members and how they achieved this game through the game of sports.
We will be taking a peek into Tyler Roby Pippen’s famous family career.


Full NameTyler Roby Pippen
Age[age date=”1994/09/20″ full=”1″]
Zodiac SignCancer
Famous Asfor being the daughter of
Scotty Maurice Pippen Sr
SiblingsTaylor Pippen, Antron Pippen,
Sierra Pippen, Justin Pippen, Sophia
Pippen, Preston Pippen, and Scotty Pippen

Who Is Tyler Roby Pippen?

She was the second twin of Scottie Pippen’s twin daughters. She was born alongside her twin sister on the 20th of July, 1994, and died nine days later on the 29th of July, 1994. However, earlier on, Scottie denied being the father of the twin girls, but a DNA test proved that he was the father.

It’s quite unfortunate that baby Tyler didn’t get to live as long as everyone had wished, but we can believe that whatever she would have become can be traced through her twin sister, whom she left behind. And truly, she would have made a great kid just like her sister currently is and made the famous family proud.

Tyler Roby Pippen’s Father

His name is Scottie Maurice Pippen. He’s a famous basketball player. He spent 17 years playing basketball at the National Basketball Association (NBA). While he played, he won six championships with the team, Chicago Bulls. He played with dedication for the team alongside popular basketball sensation Michael Jordan.

They both played a major role in helping the team become champions for years and making them popular in the 90s.
He was chosen eight times in a row to the All-Defensive First Team of the NBA and three times to the All-NBA First Team.
Scottie is a legend in the game of basketball.

For many years, he has proved that he has mastered the game. He has assisted in breaking records for his team and taking them to higher grounds. As a basketball player, he played with so much, and his talent paid off well. His records must be remembered at the NBA.

He quickly rose to be a celebrity and has helped his family become famous and highly respected in his home country and worldwide. He has consistently kept an amazing track record. He has a good family life going on as well. He has always been a champion and still is.

Tyler Roby Pippen’s Twin

Tyler’s twin sister is known as Taylor. Just like their father, Scottie. Taylor is a popular sportsperson. She started her career as a volleyball game player in her teenage days. She’s a dedicated and talented player who is a two-time MVC athlete player and who holds a record at the SIU.

She has also broken a record at the Missouri Valley. She has participated in various events such as National Girlsz SIU donors, Women in Sports Day, Polar Plunge, and several others. She has done right solo blocks and over ninety assisted blocks, too.

In 2016, she signed a contract to play with Figari Peluqueris, a team on the Island of Tenerife. She was to replace an injured player for the team.

She was chosen on the MVC as a Preseason All-Conference athlete.
In 2013, she became the 2nd position at the Valley Volleyball Tournament.
She’s currently the face of Saluki Athletics.

She’s a happy young girl who loves adventures such as skydiving. She loves exploring new and exciting things and hangs out with her mom and friends. She has achieved great feats right from her preteens age till date.


The Pippens family is a great family with dedicated talents. Taylor learned a great deal from her dad and, while growing up, chose her path in sporting games and began to develop herself and excel in it. Her father’s success stories motivated her to become what she is and all she still hopes to achieve.

She’s the true daughter of her father. She breaks records and is a great team member, supporting the team and excelling in her talent. She’s a good child who has a great relationship with her parents. She spends more time with her mom whenever she doesn’t have to be on the field playing.

She loves connecting with her family, and she enjoys the bond they all share within themselves. She’s thought to represent what Tyler could have been if she were alive to this day.

On the other hand, SCO Maurice Pippen is a huge positive influence on upcoming and talented sports players interested in being great players with good records sometimes in nature. He’s a happy husband. He’s a happy and proud dad as well. He played a good role as a great father figure to his daughter. His daughter, Taylor, has been making the family proud, too. He feels contented with his daughter carrying on with the family champion legacy.

Tyler, wherever she is, would be excited to see her family gain fame for good purposes. The little angel must be proud.

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