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Toyah Cordingley Biography, Wiki, Age, Cause of Death, Family, Murder And Net Worth

Juliane Cunha Toyah Cordingley was a young woman cherished by her close-knit circle of friends and family. She was living her life just like any other day, until a tragic event unfolded when she was 24 years old. This incident, shrouded in intrigue, sent shockwaves throughout Australia.


Full NameJuliane Cunha Toyah Cordingley
HowetownCairns Queensland, Australias northeastern coast
 Age[age date=”1994/06/14″ full=”1″]
Relationship PartnerBoyfriend, Marco
Net Worth N/A

Early Life of Toyah Cordingley

Toyah came into this world on June 14, 1994, hailing from Woree, a town in southeastern Australia. Her parents, Troy and Vanessa, although separated, maintained an amicable coexistence and remained deeply involved in their daughter’s life. Toyah Jade Cordingley’s upbringing unfolded in Cairns, Queensland, a city nestled along Australia’s northeastern coastline.

Toyah Cordingley’s Career

At the age of 28, Toyah Cordingley was a devoted pharmacy assistant with a profound love for animals. She dedicated herself to her work as a pharmacist in her local community.

Toyah Cordingley’s Relationships

In the realm of her personal life, Toyah shared a meaningful bond with her boyfriend, Marco, for a span of two years. Their shared passion for animals was a significant aspect that deeply connected them, and they spent a considerable amount of their free time nurturing this shared interest.

Toyah Cordingley Story

On the 21st of October, 2018, Cordingley, on a Sunday morning, attended to customers at the Barr Street WholeLife Pharmacy and Healthfoods in Earlville, where she worked. She went to the market afterward at around 1 pm1 pm. Then, from the market, she went home. She told her folks at home that we wanted to stroll along the beach with her boyfriend’s dog. By 2:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m., she set off for Wangetti Beach.
Hours later, she didn’t turn up, nor did she return home. Her boyfriend was alarmed by this, and he reached out to her family and friends to inform them. When she didn’t return by evening, her family began to search for her, sharing her photograph on social media and pleading for the public to help locate her.

By 10:50 pm10:50 pm, her family reported her missing to the police. Early the next day, they planned to search for her.
The next morning, her family and friends created search parties and began to search for her in different regions around the beach. They took big flashlights and cell phone lights to search for her. When they arrived at the beach, they discovered her vehicle parked near the entrance to the beach. The vehicle’s presence proved that she got to the beach, so the search parties checked every area of the beach. After a while, her mom found the dog, Indie, tied up to a tree, and it was tied up so tight that the dog couldn’t sit down. The dog appeared sad but was unhurt. Toyah’s mother had a flat phone battery, so she returned to the car, leaving others to continue searching.

At 7:45 am7:45 am, not too far away from where the dog was tied up, the body of Toyah. Her father made this discovery. Her body was found in an area where tourists hardly visited. The area between the foreshore and the beginning of the bushland. Investigations further noted that she sustained visible injuries, and her body was without any clothing at the time it was seen.

Toyah’s father was devastated seeing his daughter’s body. The other members of the search party had to carefully carry him out of the crime scene while they waited for the police to arrive.
A couple of months after the tragic incident, Toyah’s father, Troy Cordingley, wrote:

“Toyah is my only child. Finding her body burnt an indelible image in my mind. It is something a father should never have to suffer.”

The unfortunate loss of the 24-year-old got the entire region in a state of shock. The police, however, hesitated to give any details about the investigation going on.
Her friends took to social media to share their grievances. I am sad about losing a kind and good person like Toyah Cordingley.

Posts about Toyah began to pour out on social media by her friends and loved ones. Her best friend, Megan Amour, was particularly shaken by the unfortunate incident and loss of her dearest friend. Megan’s wedding was forthcoming months from then, and she asked her best friend, Toyah, to be her maid-of-honor, which she obliged without hesitating. They both were excited and looked forward to the big day. She said she would find it quite hard going through the wedding without her best friend, turned sister.

Toyah Cordingley Burial

Many people from the environs attended Toyah’s funeral in Cairns. She was buried the following week. Her burial ceremony was organized at a 300-seater chapel, but over 300 people attended. She was loved by many, and many were sympathetic towards her family. The chapel was decorated with Toyah’s favorite sunflowers and balloons.

Her boyfriend accompanied Indie, the dog she took with her, for a stroll at Wangetti Beach. He read out a heartfelt message he dedicated to her, promising her his unending love always. Other family and friends said their tribute and paid their last respects. It was an emotional ceremony, but all decided to be consoled by her pleasant lifestyle, even though it was short-lived.

Toyah Cordingley Update

Four years after, the culprit, Mr Singh, was caught and has been charged with one count charge of murder and was expected to appear in the Cairns Magistrates Court.

It was said that Mr Singh flew to India a few days after Toyah Cordingley’s body was found. He was extradited from Victoria to Queensland a day after returning to Australia on a flight from New Delhi.

Singh is a 38-year-old former nurse. He was escorted by four suited detectives and was led across the tarmac in 32C. He appeared calm as he was led away in handcuffs. He was taken into the back of a police vehicle and was driven off to Cairns Police Station.


We all live in a world where the good, the bad, and the ugly exist. Dark-minded people are roaming various streets of the world daily, causing havoc, mayhem, and sadness to various families. Unfortunately, the Cordingley family got caught up in the snares of an evildoer, and both parents had to lose an only child of over 20 years of age. It’s quite a pathetic story! From all indications, Toyah was a young, jolly fellow who wanted to live life and be simple about, obviously a lover of pets, propelled by not being around any other siblings. Sadly, life had to be sapped out of her at such a young age.
A lesson one should learn from this is that one shouldn’t go to public places when it’s a lonely period to avoid endangering one’s life. If you must go to a public space, ensure that you do so with friends or be in a public space with so many people available on the ground. Security is paramount.
The good news is that the culprit has been brought to book, and justice has been duly served.
Hopefully, her parents will get consoled of this unexpected great loss that hit the family.

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