The chronicle of Jezebel Emah Hailey-Oduok, Awot Ebe Ndia Akuk!

After my administration as the AKISAN National President in 2020, Emah Hailey-Oduok has been consistently launching verbal assaults on me and running a smear campaign in various fora. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have responded to her malicious and vicious diatribe, but for the interest of the public I want to put the record straight.

Community service is voluntary and should be done with grace and humanity. For Emah Hailey, it is a service of personal elevation to boost her empty ego, which culminates in personal attacks for relevance.

Emah Hailey was the Social Director of AKISAN National Executive 2018-2020, while I was the National President. We had a very good working relationship. As a matter of fact, she was one of the anchors of the 2019 Convention in Houston. In August 2020, it was time to conduct elections and hand over the Secretariat to the next regime. The National Convention and Elections were to be conducted virtually due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

In fostering a transparent transition, it was incumbent upon me to create a level playing field for all the candidates. This idea did not go down well with Emah. She took it personally and demanded that her candidate win the election. In furtherance of her demand, she threatened the former National Secretary a night before the Elections that she would serve him an injunction to stop the virtual Convention and Elections. I informed her that no single individual can cancel the National Convention except the National body. Due to the pandemic, we had to make some changes to accommodate the times; an Election Committee was set up to complete the credentialing of chapters to vote in the 2020 elections. Approximately two hours before the virtual National Convention, the Electoral Committee sent in an “Election Summation indicating an Impasse” which requires my response. I quickly summoned an Emergency Meeting with the former National Executive and presented the Election Summation to them. After deliberations, I suggested that we take the Election Summation to the Convention since we are already in the Convention. It was unanimously agreed to take the Election Summation to the Convention for decision-making. Emah became enraged and boycotted the virtual National Convention and Handing Over of 2020. A traitor by all standards – you can say Judas!

The outcome of the 2020 elections led to intense hostility in the Houston local Chapter insinuated by Emah Hailey-Oduok with many key stakeholders being insulted and removed from the local chapter. Amid her confusion and ego, she opted for the creation of another organization called NAAKIBOM. According to her, “the organization is to compete with AKISAN National.” Consequently, the hostility also gave rise to the Houston Chapter split with the formation of the AKISAN Katy Chapter. Due to hostility, I had personally stayed away for two years from the AKISAN Houston chapter while my communications with Emah had ceased on August 22, 2020. Though Emah Hailey’s candidate had moved on with his life and returned to AKISAN National, Emah had remained the outsider who cried more than the bereaved. It’s time for Emah to deal with her emotional intelligence!

The current President of the Houston Chapter had embarked on building from the remnants of the Houston split, but I learned Emah had vowed to destroy the chapter on the premise of promoting her hidden agenda. Whenever things don’t go her way, she throws tantrums, reigns curses – and goes into retrogressive behavior. Is that leadership? No, a sense of immaturity. At some point, it was discovered that Emah had secretly planted a coup to remove the current President during the last local chapter of the Election of December 2023. Unfortunately for Emah, her miscalculated coup failed. After her failed coup, Emah had consistently been disrupting every meeting in the AKISAN Houston Chapter. Her premise is to make governance difficult for the President so that the President will not accomplish anything before his tenure runs out.

Personally, Emah had attacked me both physically and spiritually.

The Ploy by Emah Hailey deepens!

Physical Attack: Middle of 2023, I decided to go back to the local chapter. At a regular meeting of the AKISAN Houston chapter in November of 2023, I was recognized to speak by the Chapter President. My question was directed to the President. My question had nothing to do with Emah, without recognition by the President, Emah interjected. She verbally assaulted me with words that had nothing to do with my question. She even hijacked the February 2024 meeting becoming the “De facto President”. She went berserk, ranting like a mad woman. All efforts to bring in calmness at the meeting were unsuccessful. She was using curse words to anyone deterring her from ranting, “f… word and God pun*sh you.” She was so dramatic, talking and banging the table in the presence of men. This act is an abomination in our culture!

Two years ago, a write-up in pidgin English was written by her illiterate agents and circulated in the community. I learned the content was orchestrated by Emah. Emah, all these are acts of cowardice! In your 60’s, a grandmother, you should outgrow this childish behavior.

Spiritual Attack: While sleeping, Emah will come in the form of mkpekpem and anwa to attack me. I recall vividly the night she almost hung on my fan after I rebuked her in the name of Jesus.

In a sane society, who is not insane? – Author unknown. Emah, the excuse from people that you are insane may be acceptable to them, but I think we can all adopt insanity whenever convenient. In addition, when people say, “dingo ke inua Emah Hailey ke Houston?” Emah, that’s not a compliment. As a leader, you should model a life of excellence with a legacy that impacts the lives of your community. Emah rather, you are portrayed as a model of gossip, a model of hate, a model of destruction, a model of faction, a model of division, a model of mediocrity, a model of manipulation, a model of narcissism, a model of discord, a model of lies, a model of hostility. You are consumed in viciousness, you are toxic, diabolical in nature, you are vacuous and airhead. I can go on and on…

It is apparent that anyone you cannot shove your false narratives about me into their throats, you verbally attack them.

Emah, where is the NGO called Nigeria Foundation in Houston? I learned from some members that you stole the association’s money, fought with all members, and destroyed the organization…a community builder indeed!

Emah, why the personal attack on me? We don’t talk, what’s your beef with me? The demand for a pound of flesh in Shakespeare is vindictive but, in your case, your hatred demands my head on a platter. Emah, this is vicious! Stop your hatred!

Your contemporary said you like power. For your information, the AKISAN National Election is coming up this August. Registration for the highest office is still open, you can apply. I guarantee you will not have even one vote. I am also convinced you will lose your own Houston Chapter vote because no one needs a destroyer or drama queen as a leader. Emah, you lack leadership skills! Leadership needs collaboration!

Emah, your claim of invincibility has deceived you. Despite your persistent vicious attacks, I’ve remained silent and maintained decorum. In Things Fall Apart written by Chinua Achebe, Uchendu narrated a story about how a Mother Kite sent her daughter to get a duckling for food. When the kite got the duckling, the mother of the duckling just walked away and did not say anything. The kite was instructed to return the duckling saying, “There is something ominous about silence”. Emah, unlike the kite, you are not wise.

Emah, I’ve allowed you to bask in your ego and ignorance in amusement of your empty and dumped head. Emah, if anyone should talk about morals, it shouldn’t be you. During the Medical Supplies era in the early 2000s when fortunes to defraud Medicaid/Medicare were on the rise amongst African communities, Emah got involved with brothers to get fast training in the business. Emah ebo ake asi ado, Akpan una ke wheelchair, Udo una ke upon isong. Idet ukwenge ama ke ekot ano okposung adu sok ekot ke isong. The translation is that you were sleeping with two brothers. And one will sleep with you on the wheelchair while the younger brother will be having sex with you on the bare floor.

Emah, what job have you held in America besides stealing money from Medicaid/Medicare without rendering services?

Elizabeth Taylor of Akwa Ibom Community: The community claims you are emotionally unstable, married five times and still counting…Johnny Walker!

Husband #1 intended to marry your sister, you circumvented your own sister, took her husband, becoming Emah Inyang.

Husband #2 was married, you destroyed his marriage, took him and became Emah Hailey.

Husband #3 married with children, you snatched him and became Emah Enyong and relocated to the East Coast. I learnt the reason you came to fight at the Mboho End of Year Party in December of 2010 at the Royal Hall by Bissonnet/Kirkwood, was because of the scandal of your indiscreet relationships with some brothers. I was at the event. Your only power was in picking a chair to hit your target. If not for the prompt intervention from the audience, your target would have crushed your dumb head. The Police were called in, and you were escorted out of the hall. It was pitiful to see your poor husband just following a mad woman who was out of control in public.

Husband #4. You met this guy before husband #3. He was married to an American woman. You told me, you went with him to Nigeria. Unfortunately, his wife suspected your plot to snatch her husband. His wife arrived at the Sheraton Hotel in Lagos where you guys were lodging and beat you up. According to you, you were terrified when Media came to the hotel to cover the incident. You further expressed you had to run to avert scandal that would affect the guy’s job. According to you, you came back to America with shame without reaching Akwa Ibom State to see your own family. Husband #4 then became your victim. A few years later, you came back to Houston homeless. Emah, how soon you forget! You were housed by someone, you plotted and finally succeeded in snatching husband #4 from his American wife and became Emah Hailey-Umez.

After a few years of marriage, husband #4 died. According to some members of the Igbo community, they said, when you realized the Life Insurance their son had was bulky and the money from his books with Amazon, you killed their son to get his money. They further claimed you banned the deceased biological children from their father’s inheritance. “Ebo ado awot ebe ndia akuk”! What a greed! Jezebel!

Husband #5 According to Igbo community, while they were mourning their son, you were celebrating yourself with their son’s money. They lamented their son was not even laid to rest when you became Emah Hailey-Oduok. What a woman of morals! Your community claims the dead man’s body is haunting you, hence the worsening of your psychopathic behavior.

A number of Nigerian men in the Diaspora have expressed that your behavior underscores the need for men to write their wills to protect their children in case by error of commission, they fall a victim to mistakes of the night like you- Emah.

Emah, many women had arrived in their 30’s with class, maturity, and humility and aged with these attributes. With pride and arrogance, you think you’ve arrived at 60.

The transformation of Emah with low self-esteem…from uneven botox lips, fake butt falling apart on the dance floor, botox legs to wearing 12-inch shoes to elevate your height. Emah, you forgot to transform your poor phonetics and your dumb brain…probably brain transplant might be a better option for you.

Emah, we are diametrically opposed. Your likes are the trashes on Bissonnet Street. The difference is that you pay for services.

Cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant only see death but once – Shakespeare.

Have a great day!

Margaret Ita


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