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This article is centered on the biography of young and active actors inspiring their contemporaries and the young ones looking up to them. These celebrities keep striving to be their best as they showcase their various talents to the world, who are always willing to receive them.

Being in the limelight and sometimes in the spotlight on core issues makes these popular figures do their best to present the best part of themselves to the world through arts and special creativity, thereby contributing their quota to the movie industry’s growth. One such young, handsome, and vibrant actor is Staiv Gentis.


Full NameStaiv Gentis
Relationship PartnerInes Rau
Age30 Years Old
Zodiac SignN/A
Net Worth$1millon

Staiv Gentis

Staiv is an actor, though he’s quite popular because of his romantic relationship with the famous beautiful French model, Ines Roy.

After being cast in the movie ‘Valerian and The City Of A Thousand Planets’ in 2017, he started getting so much attention and accolades across the globe. He has a great physical appeal that’s quite attractive, which adds to why his fans find him interesting. From the roles he played so well, he’s a great performer.

He is also a stunt double. He performs stunts for the movie, ‘Ghost Recon: Breakpoint’. His real age isn’t officially uploaded on Google, but via his appearance, he looks like a youthful man in his early 30s.

He’s not just a talented actor. He studied cinematic trade at Actors Studio in Los Angeles and studied acting at Conservatoire de Paris. This means he has a good background knowledge of performing arts and business.

Staiv Gentis is not only an actor. He’s also a fitness trainer and a body fitness enthusiast. He’s well-involved in sporting activities and participates in competitions, too. He likes being a part of competitions always to evaluate himself. He took part in the Musclemania Fitness Europe Championships that took place in Paris in 2012. He emerged in second place in the competition.

Furthermore, he’s also a personal fitness trainer for celebrities such as Marc Jacobs and Ricardo Tisci. This he does as an extra business to put money in his bank account.

As a young child, Staiv used to be doubtful of his abilities. Still, over time, he underwent various rigorous trainings, and with dedication, he overcame all his doubts and negative thoughts about what he could achieve. His impossibility became possible. Now, he’s not just a successful actor and fitness coach; he’s also a role model to many aspiring actors and bodybuilders who enjoy going on adventures, which can be seen whenever he embarks on skydiving. He possesses a special charisma, and he’s always confident to take up challenges and overcome them.

Staiv Gentis, Ines Rau Boyfriend

Staiv Gentis is the popular French model, Ines Ray’s boyfriend. They have been in a romantic relationship since 2017. They both try to keep their relationship on a low profile and are vengeful of what they put on social media about their love life. One can barely find a photograph of both of them anywhere, but their closeness whenever they appear on social media suggests a strong passion is shared between them. They sometimes attend events together and participate in some activities, as expected of lovebirds.

Ines Rau appeared as the ‘Playmate of the Month’ during the 2017 issue of Playboy. Ines is the first transgender person to appear in the show. They both have been role models when it comes to having a relationship with a genuine love shared and is done so against all odds. Their relationship is a mature one, quite mature for one within their age range. They share a common ground and understanding and try not to go overboard with their display and make their relationship not hinder each of their careers; rather, their relationship has thus far boosted their profile in the public space. Quite outstanding!

Staiv Gentis Net Worth

Staiv’s net worth can’t be accurately given because it’s not available in the public space, but from the movies he starred in as an actor and stunt double, such as: ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ and ‘Leatherdaddy,’ his net worth should be about $1millon. His wealth has been acquired from numerous sources such as acting, fitness coaching, stunt performer, brand ambassador, and collaboration with brands that deal with body fitness, such as ‘Outdoor Voices.’
Gentis is doing quite awesome for himself, and his fame keeps spreading far and wide.

Many years will come, and his net worth will skyrocket with time. He’s consistent and confident, thus one of the attributes of a healthy-wealthy lifestyle.

Ines Rau Profile

As a young teenager, Ines was inspired by the story of Caroline Cossey, a transgender model. Ines wanted to be transformed into a woman. She went through the process of change, and she did. She hid her sexuality from the public till she was ready.


Gentis is one of the youths striving to create a good name and leave a good legacy in his career as an actor and a fitness trainer when he eventually gets all old. His dedication and career pursuit inspire men his age to strive to make it to the top of their game. His body positivity is also a cool personality about him. He encourages people to remain healthy and keep fit so they have the energy to showcase their talents to the world. His employment by some top celebrities as a personal trainer also shows that he spent so much time in his younger days building himself up for this day, ignoring all the negativity and working on his self-esteem. Hard work paid off for him and still pays off currently. He’s a sought-after trainer as well as an actor, and that is a great feat for a confident young man in this era.

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