Who Is Shyngle Wigwe? Bio, Martial Status, Career, Children And Life Style

Pastor Shyngle Wigwe Biography; Born on October 8, 1934, in Isiokpo, Rivers State, Pastor Shyngle Wigwe embarked on a remarkable journey that saw him transition from an engineering student at Yaba Technical Institute to a distinguished military captain. His pivotal decision to enlist in the military in 1963 set the course for his future. He later became acquainted with influential figures such as Olusegun Obasanjo and Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu, notably during Nigeria’s first military coup in 1966.


Shyngle Wigwe Losses and Resilience

Shyngle’s unwavering faith served as a cornerstone in his life, notably reflected in his dedicated service as a pastor within the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Despite enduring personal tragedies, including the heartbreaking loss of his son Osita in a road accident, and more recently, the tragic passing of his son Herbert, Herbert’s wife, and their son in a helicopter crash in the US, Shyngle remained resolute in his Christian convictions.

Lessons from Nzeogwu and the Civil War

Shyngle’s reflection on his encounter with Nzeogwu unveils the nuanced approach he embraced during turbulent periods. His involvement in the civil war, aligning with Biafra, underscored his allegiance to principles, ultimately prompting his resignation from the military as a captain in 1970. This pivotal chapter in Shyngle’s life underscores the complex choices individuals face amid times of upheaval and underscores the significance of unwavering convictions.

Shyngle Wigwe Children

When discussing his approach to parenting, Shyngle attributed the success of his six children to consistent communication. He highlighted the significance of daily phone calls, a rule he steadfastly adhered to. This commitment to regular communication underscores the value he placed on staying connected with his children and nurturing strong familial bonds.

Transition to Media: NTA and Beyond

Shyngle’s career underwent a notable transition from the military to the media realm, culminating in his ascension to the position of director-general at NTA. During his tenure, he emphasized NTA’s pivotal role in national development, particularly through its distinctive programs designed to foster unity across the country. His leadership underscored the importance of media in shaping national identity and promoting cohesion amid diverse cultural landscapes. Shyngle’s journey exemplifies the potential for individuals to effect meaningful change across different spheres of influence, emphasizing the transformative power of media in shaping societies.


1. Who is Pastor Shyngle Wigwe?

Pastor Shyngle Wigwe was born on October 8, 1934, in Isiokpo, Rivers State, Nigeria. He embarked on a remarkable journey from being an engineering student to a distinguished military captain, later transitioning into the media realm and serving as the director-general of NTA.

2. How did Shyngle Wigwe navigate personal tragedies?

Despite enduring heartbreaking losses, including the passing of his son Osita and, more recently, his son Herbert, Herbert’s wife, and their son, in a helicopter crash, Shyngle remained resolute in his Christian convictions, drawing strength from his unwavering faith.

3. What lessons can be learned from Shyngle Wigwe’s involvement in the civil war?

Shyngle’s alignment with Biafra during the civil war highlights the importance of standing firm in one’s principles, even amidst challenging circumstances. His resignation from the military as a captain in 1970 underscores the complexities individuals face during times of upheaval.


Pastor Shyngle Wigwe’s life journey embodies resilience, faith, and commitment to principles. From his early days as an engineering student to his distinguished military career and later transition into the media, Shyngle’s story reflects the transformative power of unwavering convictions and steadfast communication in both personal and professional realms. His contributions to national development through NTA serve as a testament to the enduring impact individuals can have in shaping societies and fostering unity amidst diversity. Shyngle’s legacy inspires others to navigate life’s challenges with grace and determination, leaving behind a profound impact on those he encountered and the communities he served.

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