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Saravanan Arul is a famous businessman and actor from India. He owns popular stores and manages his family businesses, such as Saravana Selvarathinam, Legend Saravana, and The Legend New Saravana Stores.


Full NameSaravanan Arul
Age[age date=”1970/07/10″ full=”1″]
Place of Birth:Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
ParentsSaravana Selvarathinam
Height1.65 m
ProfessionBusinessman, TV Personality
Net WorthUS$20 million-US$30 million


Saravanan Arul Age

Saravanan was born on the 10th of July, 1970. He’s currently 53 years old. For a man his age, he fully has background knowledge on successfully managing a business. His many years of experience have taught him about real-life issues in business and the best way to sort them out. Before his age, he was already a successful businessman and is still doing well. Before he approaches 60, he would have acquired much more wealth than he already has.

Saravanan Arul Background

He grew up at Metro City Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. His father and uncle were running the family business. After graduating, he joined the family business and started his own business. He loved doing business and decided to take the business up as his career. Joining the family business then appeared to be the best option for him; this is why he took that path and has been highly dedicated to it for several years and still counting.

Saravanan Arul Career

Arul’s major career is in the family business, including the various shopping stores he manages. He became more famous when he was featured in his business visual advertisement, which he did alongside famous Tollywood actresses Hansika Motwani and Tamannaah.

This advert became controversial, getting many viewers talking and reacting on various social media platforms, thereby skyrocketing his popularity and bringing his business to the limelight.
To be a successful business person, one has to get involved in many platforms and businesses other than the one being managed. This made him take up another career as an actor to get into the limelight and take his business to an international level. With his face as the one behind his business on the public platform, it will attract the interest of many more viewers. This way, his business gets to the top of the game.

In 2019, he became more popular when he first debuted in the movie industry, acting alongside famous actress and model Geethika Tiwary. In this movie, he played the role of a college professor. This movie was shot in Pollachi, the Himalayas, and Chennai.

Saravanan Arul Family

His family is from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. His father, Saravanan Selvarathinam, fully supports his business and movie career. His father is also a hardworking and dedicated businessman. Two of his uncles, Raja and Yoga Rathubam, are also businesspeople in the family business. Together, they all ensure that the affairs of all the shopping stores across the country are well-managed. He has two daughters. And one of his sons-in-law is the famous Deepak.

He hails from a great family bound by love and unity, and they support one another. This is one of the reasons why his business keeps attaining greater heights and becoming popular daily. Arul is a good family man, which shows in his relationship with his father and uncles.

Family names and businesses are tasty to maintain because of the tough competition and the rigorous activities involved in maintaining a good family legacy in terms of business. Saravanan’s family possesses the family ties required to help fulfill their goals of creating a generational legacy.

Saravanan Arul Physique

He’s physically fit. He’s 5 feet 4 inches tall. He weighs 70kg. He has cute dark eyes and great black hair. He’s handsome and good for appearing on screens and in public spaces. For a man in his 50s, he has an incredible physique. There are a couple of men in their 50s whose physiques could be more appealing than Arul’s. He has done a great job keeping his body in shape, and his other manly attributes are still attractive and good enough to be seen on the entertainment platform.

Actor Saravanan Arul Movie

The famous movie ‘The Legend’ was a movie that was released in five various languages. It was showcased on 650 screens in Tamil Nadu, India. There are over 3,000 screenings of the movie across the world. The movie, ‘The Legend,’ starred the businessman and actor Saravanan Arul. He played the role of a scientist. The famous director, JD-Jery, directed the movie.

He acted alongside the famous Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela. She has graced the screens of most Hindi films. She played the role of a microbiologist in ‘The Legend.’ The movie also had well-known actors such as Nassar, Suman, Robo Shankar, and Vivek cast in it. It was a good movie which was well-received by the viewers.

SaravanaArul’sul Net Worth

As indicated by an online report, Saravanan Arul has an estimated net worth of US$20 million to US$30 million.


One great inspiring personality about Saravanan Arul is the wisdom and knowledge he uses to market his family’s business to the world. He’s an in-depth businessman with background knowledge in boosting businesses and getting engagement. He has been running his father’s business alongside his uncles and father. He studied critically the power of the media and how much rapid growth it can generate for any business, and he has thus far used this media to the advantage of his family’s business.

He successfully went through the movie industry to introduce his family’s business to a wide range of viewers and audiences, making himself the brand ambassador of his family business. He understands how controversies help him make one famous, and he took it to his advantage, ignoring whatever tantrums that must have been thrown at him on social media. We can all agree that Arul is a sensational and intelligent businessman with a great vision to take his business to greater heights and create generational wealth for his children.

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