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Randall Carlson Biography: When hosting shows, doing programs and events for entertainment purposes, the people who entertain and get us updated on issues are not only the regular actors, musicians, and comedians. Those in the science and medical sector also use the media to orientate, educate as well as entertain the public.

Currently, on TikTok and YouTube, some various scientists and medical practitioners use their channels to pass information to the public. Some entertainingly do this. The modern media era has given different professionals a platform to excel and achieve fame. And these professionals go way beyond our regular entertainers in the art department.

In this article, we will be talking about a man, an aged man who at his age is still impacting lives and creating fame for himself through what he knows how to do best. In the past two years, he has achieved fame as a YouTuber who organizes podcast shows. He’s highly appreciated and respected by all who know him personally and through the podcasts he organizes. The personality we are talking about is Randall Carlson.
Join in as we take a short dive into the early life and a bit of career history surrounding Carlson.


Real NameRandall Carlson
Birth Date26 March 1951
Age (as of 2022)70 Years
Birth PlaceSeattle, Washington, United States
ProfessionPodcast Host, Structural Fashioned, Producer, Geomythologist
CollegePrivate College

Randall Carlson’s Early Life

He was born on the 26th of March, 1951. He’s presently 72 years old as of 2023. He was born in Seattle, Washington, in the United States of America. He currently lives in the Chicago suburb of Wauconda, Illinois.

As a young boy, he went to public school in Seattle. He was a brilliant kid who usually came top of his class. As he grew older, he became interested in geomythology. He decided to study it at college and he did it. He’s a go-getter. As soon as he discovered what aspect of science fascinates him, he decided to take it up as a course of study to gain wider knowledge of it.

He’s from a Christian home. His parents had a high interest in education and studying, so they engaged him in good education and helped him succeed in his career.

His parents are awesome people and are role models to other younger parents who also wish to put their children on the right track academically. His parents understand the importance of education and ensure that their children receive all the education there is. They also discovered that their son was an outstanding performer when it comes to knowledge and formal education, this is one of the many reasons they encouraged him to study hard and improve himself. Everyone needs to have parents such as his.

Randall Carlson Career

He started getting prepared for his successful path in his career right from his days were he lived in Seattle. He began working within that environment, taking quality time and moments to gather sufficient information and experience from his first job. It’s the experience he got that he channeled into use in his present career. In his popular podcast on YouTube titled, ‘Randall Carlson podcast’ he puts all he has learned during his working days into practice via the podcast. He’s fast gaining fame through his podcast.

Carlson is highly experienced with a wide number of years dedicated to studying more in his career. Sharing these rich and quality experiences with the public is a great means to contribute positively to the development of his community and the world at large.

The true life events he shares on his podcast have brought the interest of many viewers across the world. He is already achieving his dream goal of getting the world to have an understanding of geomythology as well as contributing to science research programs.

He’s working on different scientific projects and has worked on many before. He dresearchesgeomythology. He has also gained recognition for his input at the Association of Science Teachers.

His YouTube channel has over 80,000 subscribers. His debut YouTube video was titled, “Randall Carlson Podcast Ep001 with RC, Brothers of the Serpent, Normal Guy Mike, and GCREX admin Bradley’ which was in the year 2021. In a couple of years to come, his subscribers would increase and more people around the world would get educated on this aspect of science.

Randall Carlson Weight and Height

At his age, Randall tries to keep fit and healthy. He weighs 84kg and he’s about 6 feet tall. He stays away from junk food and processed meals. To keep fit, he engages in jogging, hiking, cycling, and others. He’s healthy and strong because he’s determined to achieve a healthy body and sound mind, unlike some of his age mates who are barely as physically fit as he is now. Carlson fully understands that health is wealth and he’s not willing to be an unhealthy old man.

Randall Carlson’s Net Worth

His net worth ranges between $ 1 million to $ 5 million. He’s doing well financially.


Randall Carlson is respectable and his works precede him. He can be referred to as a role model, especially for those who wish to have deep knowledge of the scientific Scientology. He’s a brilliant man and his age hasn’t rubbed him off his brilliancy and level of articulation. His podcast shows are mind-blowing, entertaining, thought-provoking, and engaging. He is one person who didn’t let his age affect his use of the media like the youths do.

He’s someone who believes in using each day of his life to teach and inform the public on issues that they are probably not used to or have background knowledge about. He’s an active researcher which means that as he teaches the public and other growing scientists, he looks further to gathering more knowledge for his purposes. He upgrades his knowledge of his career regularly. We can all agree that Randall Carlson is an achiever and a good role model and mentor to a great number of people across the world. He surely would leave a great mark of his footprints in the sands of time as he passionately worked towards that.

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