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In the entertainment industry, there have been some hardworking and successful women who have been managing the different talents they have as much as they can, striving through life hurdles and trials, not letting limitations hold them down, and also having the willingness to achieve a desired goal.

These women look all gorgeous, with a lot of fans wishing them well and hoping to be as successful as they have been. Little did they know that these entertainers look up to have been through ‘thick and thin,’ have been through ‘hell and back’ to remain in the spotlight.

When you talk about many years of hard work and success, and you keep counting the scores of successful black American women, you can’t keep counting without including the ‘All Hail The Queen’ crooner, the gorgeous, pretty, and strong Queen Latifah.


Real NameDana Elaine Owens
Age53 Years
FatherLancelot Owens
MotherRita (Née Bray)
ProfessionAfrican American Singers
SiblingsLancelot Jr.
Net Worth $70 million

Queen Latifah Career

In 1987, she had a D.J.D.J. friend to whom she gave her a demo tape. And by 1988, she was signed to a record label. The label known as ‘The Tommy Boy’ released her reggae and jazz debut album titled, ‘All Hail The Queen’ in 1989.

Also, she had her wings in the movie industry. Her career in acting kicked off after she released her debut movie titled, ‘Jungle Fever.’ She featured in some other movies, taking up small roles till after two years when she got cast into a popular sitcom titled, ‘Living Single.’ She kept on working hard and pushing her music career further.

She tried to manage and find a balance between her music and movie career. And she was dedicated to both careers. She further starred in a role in the movie titled, ‘Set It Off.’ She also released a couple of albums, one of which was the famous Grammy-winning single called, ‘Unity.’
When the sitcom show ended in 1997, Latifah decided to try something new. She produced and hosted her program, ‘The Queen Latifah Show,’ which ran for three consecutive years. Latifah still worked hard, putting herself out in the movie industry.

She got roles in big-screen movies like ‘The Bone Collector’ and the ‘Sphere.’ The movie industry challenged her a lot, but she was willing to achieve something huge for herself via the industry, and she gave her time, energy, and creativity to the industry. A couple of years later, in 2003, she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film ‘Chicago.’ She starred in other popular movies as well.
Queen Latifah is looking at the bigger picture in the movie industry and hopes to get there and achieve her aim someday.

Queen Latifah’s Personal Life

Queen Latifah has been one strong black woman who has gone through tragedies in her life. This she shared with the public and the readers of her autobiography book called, ‘Ladies First: Revelations From A Strong Black Woman’s
In 1992, she lost her younger brother, Lancelot Jr, to the cold hands of death. He died while riding the motorcycle; Queen Latifah got him.

This unfortunate incident traumatized her, and she fell helplessly into depression. She, however, decided to create a foundation and name it after her late brother. The foundation was created to give the University scholarship foundation.

Three years later, her boyfriend got shot in a carjacking. She was fortunate to come out of that situation alive.
She’s grateful for life amidst all these life challenges of losing her loved ones. She’s optimistic about triumphing over her tragedies and making something great out of her life. Life is a blessing. She has narrowly escaped being dead a couple of times, so she fully understands how important living life is to her.

She’s in a romantic relationship with Eboni Nichols. They both have a son together called.’

Queen Latifah Husband

Queen Latifah has been in a relationship with Eboni Nichols for more than ten years.

Eboni Nichols, originally from Idaho, is a seasoned choreographer who has worked with renowned artists like Beyoncé, Usher, and Jennifer Lopez. She’s also known for her choreography contributions to all five seasons of the TV series “Jane the Virgin.”

Queen Latifah Songs

Queen Latifah is one of the respected female entertainers in the music industry, especially in the Hip Hop genre. Some of her popular and influential songs are:
‘Ladies First’ feat Monie Love. This song says that women deserve to be respected just like men.

U.N.I.T.Y.U.N.I.T.Y. is also one of the most popular songs too. It’s most likely one that portrays a feminist anthem.
‘Latifah’s Had It Up To Here.’ In this single, Latifah was shading artists with poor and uninspiring lyrics. Praising herself as one of the best in the Hip Hop world.
Her songs have been highly influential and inspirational. She has the genuine love and respect of her fans and those around her.

Queen Latifah Net Worth

Queen Latifah, an American artist, is known for her roles as a singer, songwriter, actress, and producer. As of 2023, her estimated net worth is approximately $70 million.


Queen Latifah’s life has been such a huge inspiration to those who aspire to achieve huge goals. Queen Latifah, to this day, isn’t relenting on being the best version of herself. She’s bold and strong. She believes so much in her abilities and looks forward to greater success.

She’s always open to sharing her journey from her teenage to her fifties, which she knows would undoubtedly inspire young girls, especially black girls, to be whatever they so will. She’s so on point by referring to herself as the ‘Queen.’ This is because she had gone through the test of time to prove that she deserved that title. Pulling strings to ensure that her music, movie, and T.V.T.V. show career do not crumble, as therein lies her childhood dreams. In her style of music and the movies she stars in, she always reflects the strength of a woman.

Passing across now and then a message to every young woman who’s on the verge of giving up their dreams or forfeiting their happiness probably because of their gender. She’s a strong force that has, over the past 30 years, made women see beyond what they think they are. Letting them know they can do better while they work hard and patiently wait for their hard work to pay off. She’s an independent woman, inspiring other modern women to be independent, too.

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