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Real NamePeter Gardner Ostrum
Age65 Years
 SpouseLoretta Lepkowski
ChildrenHelenka Ostrum, Leif Ostrum
CityDallas, Texas
EducationCornell University College Of Veterinary Medicine, North Hunterdon Regional High School
Net WorthN/A

Peter Ostrum Biography

Some actors starred in just a popular movie or two and never showed up on our screens any longer. These people either lost interest in acting careers or became ill afterward and couldn’t grace our screens. For others, they were passionate about other careers other than being an actor. Other groups don’t want to be associated with fame, the high expectations from fans, and all the paparazzi.

These one-time star actors usually love keeping a low profile and achieving success quietly and peacefully. One of such people is Peter Ostrum.

Peter Ostrum, whose full name is Peter Gardner Ostrum, is an American former star child actor currently a veterinary doctor. He once played a movie role where his character was called Charlie Bucket in a popular musical fantasy film, ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory .’After he acted his role in the movie, he developed less interest in acting movies, though he organized a tradition of speaking to school kids about his film every year. While on and off the set of Willy Wonka, he developed a keen interest in horses and focused on working around animals, especially horses. His newfound passion developed into a full-blown career; he attended the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine to obtain a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and became a vet doctor.

Peter Ostrum Parents And Family

Peter was born in Dallas on the 1st of November, 1957, to Dean Gardner Ostrum and Sarepta Mabel. He is the youngest of four children. At the age of twelve, he lived in Cleveland. He attended North Hunterdon Regional High School in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

Peter Ostrum Wife

In 1987, Peter married the love of his life, Loretta Lepkowski. They both have two adorable kids: a daughter and a son named Helena and Leif, respectively. He lives peacefully with his wife and kids in Lowville, New York, USA. He’s not a social media enthusiast, so he’s off social media and inactive under any social network platform.

Peter Ostrum Acting Career

When Peter was in his sixth grade at school and was performing for the Cleveland Play House, some talent hunt agents who attended the event took a deep interest in his skill and performance. He acted out so well that his prowess couldn’t be left unnoticed. These agents were on a special mission searching for a child actor for a movie project titled ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory .’The agents took photos and records of him. A few months later, he was invited for a screen test, and the next month, he was signed to act as ‘Charlie Bucket’ in the movie.

This particular movie took him straight into stardom. He received several offers from various producers and talent agents to star in other films, but he declined them all. He had no interest in acting any further. At the Lowville Academy, around the year 1990, Peter Ostrum was invited to talk to the children at the academy about his role in the movie, and he did this annually. He’s passionate about imbibing good morals into the young ones; he accepted to do this for his alma mater. Using his role where he acted as a good young lad was the foundation in which he used to encourage young ones to be kind-hearted, nice, and polite.

Peter Ostrum Veterinary Career

Once he was done filming for ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,’ his parents bought a horse. During his break holidays off school, he would tend carefully to the horse. He also went as far as tending to various horses by other owners. He became interested in caring for animals and became a veterinarian. He furthered his education in college to obtain a degree in veterinary medicine. By 1984, he officially became a vet doctor. By February 2018, he began serving at the Countryside Veterinary Clinic in New York, operating on horses and cows.

He also took part in a video series called ‘Veterinarians on Call’ where he was found speaking about the tasks involved in being a veterinarian for large animals. Peter dropped acting for his passion, which is being a vet. Hfulfillment in life comes from the feeling of being able to treat, care for, and cure sick pets and domestic animals. He’s fortunate to have found a sole purpose in his life, which he’s pretty excited about.

Peter Ostrum Teeth

Peter teeth became one of the most talked about dentitions after he starred in the famous Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie. His front teeth were quite developed, but the molars behind were pretty immature and obvious, making people talk about it. He has, however, a well-developed dentition currently. But no one knows if it grew naturally or if he had surgery to fix it.


Giving up a career for another, even when many benefits are attached to the former, is a bold step for one to take. It means one can identify his destiny and take the bull by its horns to fulfill this destiny. Ostrum discovered where his heart and destiny lie, so he ignored the fame and chose his fulfillment. He’s doing pretty great for himself in his present career. He inspires those who want to pursue their heart-desired careers and encourages them to do so without the thoughts of holding back. Furthermore, living a private life off social media is a choice too. Some people can’t deal with all the happenings on social media and keep up with the trends. Ostrum has decided to stay low, keeping his family life off social media, yet he enjoys his fatherhood and being a great husband to his wife. Quite several things to learn from the lifestyle of this great fellow indeed!

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