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Paula Andrea Bongino; The world is a global villager, and in this global village of the 21st century, tech is fast becoming the number one source of huge daily and annual income. Nowadays, individuals get registered to be trained in various courses on tech because this is the latest world source of financial freedom.

One can make thousands to millions of dollars every month from the comfort of one’s cozy room or office. Many professionals in other fields of study have begun to choose various courses in tech as an added career to what they already know. Tech has taken over the business world as only a few businesses, especially online, don’t involve at least a dose of tech expertise. This is how important tech has become in this new age.

Way before the 2000s came, some personalities probably looked into the future and decided to pursue a career in tech with an intense interest in succeeding in this field. These men and women are those who right now do less tedious jobs but earn immensely from their jobs daily. One of these people who took this advantage years ago is a brilliant woman with a great social media presence known as Paula Andrea Bongino.

In this great article, we will be critically examining Paula’s journey to success using tech to form the ladder to her present-day success.


Real NamePaula Andrea Martinez
Known AsPaula Andrea Bongino
¬†Age[age date=”1975/08/02″ full=”1″]
Place of birthCali, Colombia
Current residencePalm City, Florida, United States
OccupationWeb developer, businessperson
Net Worth$1.5 million

Who Is Paula Andrea Bongino?

Paula Andrea Bongino’s real name is Paula Andrea Martinez. She’s a savvy web developer and entrepreneur. She was born on the 2nd of August, 1967, in the USA.

She possesses a degree in Computer Science. She has been successful as a web developer so far. She has fast become a household name in her field due to her high level of expertise and how knowledgeable she has been in her niche. She’s a brilliant woman, and all who have drank from her well of knowledge can attest to this fact.

Besides being a business guru and an expert at web development, Paula is also known for her compassionate heart and how she extends her warm heart to charitable movements by being a board member of several charity organizations, contributing her time, energy, and resources to ensure that she impacts to societal growth and development.

Paula Andrea Bongino Nationality

Paula comes from Cali city in Colombia. She migrated to America afterward in search of more knowledge and greener pastures. She currently holds dual citizenship in both Colombia and America.

Paula Andrea Bongino Early Life and Education

She was born and raised in Colombia. She eventually moved to the USA. In 1998, she obtained her degree in Computer Information Systems at the Baruch College in New York City, USA.

She has, thus far, made a lot of successful moves and accomplishments in her career and also achieved fame for doing what she knows how to do best.

Paula Andrea Bongino Personal Life

Paula is married to Dan Bongino. He’s a popular American political commentator and on-air personality who works for a radio station. They have been happily married for over 18 years and have two adorable daughters. Her daughter’s name is Isabel Bongino, she was born in 2004 and is the first daughter, while the other is known as Amelia Bongino. Amelia was born in 2012.

Her marriage and family life have been peaceful, and they all appear to be doing great in their endeavors.

Paula Andrea Bongino Career

Paula is a popular, skilled web developer. She has been successful with her business online, and her social media pages tell more about her professional journey. She’s a part of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA).

Together with her husband, they have jointly established a great family business that cuts across web designs, security, risk management, and martial arts apparel. Their business became popular and thrived for a couple of years, not till in 2016 when they decided to close the online business for reasons best known to them.

However, Paula has a large following of over 2 million followers on Instagram. Her content is usually highly engaging, resourceful, and informative. This always fascinates her followers, which has carved a great mark for her business in the digital market.

Paula Andrea Bongino Accident

Her family once decided to go on an exciting journey and vacation exploring, sightseeing, and hiking. On their adventurous escapade, her husband, Dan Bongino, suggested the family try an adventure on a water scooter. They all agreed to this new adventure, they put on their life jackets and hopped on the scooter.

Dan took over the wheel and decided to give the family an exciting cruise. While he moved, he had a little bit of distraction, and in split seconds, the scooter had an unexpected and huge leap in the air and landed on the back of the water, throwing off all its passengers into the water. It was a frightening event for the family members, but Dan, being a man of humor, thought it wise to make fun of the event. Their life jackets were a lifesaver, and the family just laughed over it, yet grateful to be all well and alive.

Paula Andrea Bongino Net Worth

As a highly skilled person in the digital world, Paula has helped design websites for reputable businesses and engaged in other huge projects, thereby saving a lot of money for her jobs well-delivered. She’s worth over $1.5 million.


It’s a blessing when one finds a niche in one’s career that one can effortlessly handle with little or no stress. It’s a greater blessing when one earns a lot of cash flow through that same medium. Paula has been smart and fortunate to pick a niche, hold on to it, and excel in that field. She turned her passion into a career and made a living out of it, to the admiration of many. She represents a figure of inspiration to many who are willing to turn their passion into a money-making venture.

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