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Myles Jonathan Brando; Some people have information about their personal lives limited to the public. They are sometimes people from influential or celebrity backgrounds and families; they do quite well for themselves besides the family’s influence but would rather be reserved on their endeavors.

One such person is a child from the Brandos. He’s quite reserved about his personal life, but the public knows a thing or two about him from close friends and relatives. This son, in particular, is Myles Jonathan Brando.

Myles is a musician and a music producer. There is much more to know about his family, especially his famous dad, Marlon.

Let’s have a peek into this celebrity family.


Full NameMyles Jonathan Brando
Age[age date=”1992/01/16″ full=”1″]
Father NameMarlon Brando
Mother NameChristina Maria Ruiz
Total Family Member13 Member (May Be)
Net Worth$1 million


Myles Jonathan Brando’s Personal Life

He’s the son of Marlon Brando and Maria Cristina Ruiz. He was born on the 6th of January 1994. He has two siblings, Ninna and Timothy. Myles, however, has other older siblings but with different mothers. Ninna and Timothy are the only siblings from the same mother.

Myles Jonathan Brando, Father

Myle’s father is the famous Marlon Brando. He was an award-winning actor who starred in several films in the movie industry for sixty years. He received several awards, including the British Academy Film Award and the Golden Globe.

Marlon gave his bet, spending most of his lifetime dedicated to the entertainment industry. He started in multiple films and dramas. He co-produced some movies as well. He’s one of the pioneers in the movie industry.

The industry lovers have highly appreciated his contributions through his craft as an actor. For years, his fame grew, and he made quite a substantial amount of money from his acting career. It was great to know that his hard work and craft dedication earned him the respect and the flowers of his fellow entertainers.

Besides being a famous and great actor. Marlon was known for having different children from different women. He has had several affairs, which led to having different children. He had eleven biological children and three adopted children.

This act of having different children from several women got the public talking. No one could point a finger at why he lived that way, but one could say it’s one of the funny lifestyles usually associated with the rich and famous. This caused chaos when he passed away. He died at the age of 80.

Myles Jonathan Brando, Mother

Myle’s mother’s name is Cristina Maria Ruiz. She was once a housekeeper. At one point, she became a long-term girlfriend of Myle’s father, the famous Marlon Brando. In 1988, Cristina and Marlon began their romantic relationship, and this relationship produced three adorable kids.

After 14 years, the relationship went sour, and they both separated. While separated, Marlon bought Cristian a $400,000 house with a Mercedes Benz car, but she filed a $100million lawsuit against him then. Myles’ mother felt entitled to much more than he offered; this was what brought about the court case. She felt entitled because she had given him over 15 years of her life to the relationship. The case went on in court for a year before it finally settled. In 2004, Marlon passed on.

Myles Jonathan Brando Family Controversies

In 1990, Christian Brando, one of Myles’ older siblings, had a misunderstanding with Dag Drollet, to which he angrily pulled a gun and shot at him. The shot fatally injured him. This unfortunate incident brought the Brandos to the limelight for a negative reason. After one year of having the case at the court, the court finally found Christian guilty of manslaughter, and he was imprisoned. By 1996, he came out of prison.

In 2005, Christian again got another sentence to probation after his wife, Deborah, accused him of abuse. Christian seemed to carry the family’s name to the wrong side of fame. They always put the family’s name for public ridicule. Nothing much was known about him besides the trouble he caused the family. He caused most controversies that got the public to gossip and talk for a long time.

In 2002, Myle’s mother accused his father of breaching contracts after they divorced and decided to sue him. He was faced with a $ 100 million lawsuit. She further claimed that he refused to support her with her needs even though he diligently paid for child support. Myle’s mother wanted much more for herself and not the kids alone. She felt unsatisfied that he cared for the kids without looking out for her welfare.

The famous actor Marlon Brando suffered respiratory failure, which led to his passing in 2004. It was also recorded that he had an underlying health issue, which was cancer, that he had been managing till he got to the age he died. He left behind over $100 million as his net worth.

Myles Jonathan Brando Net worth

Myles, a musician and a music producer, is estimated to have a net worth of about $ 1 million. However, before he passed out, his father accumulated hundreds of dollars.


Even though he didn’t take after his father’s acting career, Myles created his path by going through the music way. He has been quiet, achieving his goals without rubbing it all on the public space. Myles is a silent achiever and a great personality who avoids trouble on every level, protecting his family’s name and achievement.

The Brandos family, like every other family from a famous background, had its ups and downs and glorious moments. Being in a public space for both the right and wrong reasons. They are all human, and anything is bound to happen. We can, however, infer that Marlon helped his family achieve fame through the right means. This alone is worth emulating by anyone who wants to give his family a great name through the right means. An instrument of greatness!

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