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Michael Portillo Biography, Ever heard of a renowned politician who is also an awesome on-air personality? One who is so brilliant that he shuffles between his political career and his passion for journalism? In this article, we will be looking at a great personality.


Real NameMichael Denzil Xavier Portillo
Age[age date=”1953/05/26″ full=”1″]
 Profession British journalist, broadcaster
Height181 cm  (5 feet 8 inches)
Weight63 kg (143 lbs)
Place Of BirthBushey, United Kingdom
Net Worth$6.2 million

Who Is Michael Portillo?

A man who served the government at different levels and under different rules for a long time.

He’s a great politician, journalist and public speaker who has earned a comfortable and decent living from all he has been passionate about.
Join us as we detail the childhood, political career and lifestyle of Rt Hon Michael Portillo.

Michael Portillo’s Early Life

Michael Portillo was born in Bushey, Hertfordshire. His father is Luis Gabriel Portillo, and his mom is Cora Waldegrave de Portillo. His father was a Catholic devotee; he fled Madrid in 1939 when it was lost to General Franco. He settled in England. He later became the head of the London Diplomatic Office of the Government in Exile in 1972.

His maternal grandfather was famous for being a successful linen producer at Kirkcaldy. He left some of his works worth millions of naira at the Kirkcaldy Galleries.

At the age of four, Michael Portillo was registered as a Spanish citizen, and according to Spanish customs, he was given one Spanish surname; his passport name is Miguel Portillo Blyth.
Michael had a special love for trains. He developed this love when he was quite young and used to go on long trips with his mother on the train to visit his grandparents. He had train toys as a kid, too.

At age eight, he appeared in television commercials for Ribena drink, a blackcurrant drink.

He studied at Stanburn Primary School in Stanmore. He also went to County School for Boys. After that, he won a scholarship to study at Peterhouse, Cambridge. He studied law there. While he was at Cambridge, he supported the Labour Party.

Michael Portillo’s Marriage

In February 1982, he got married to Carolyn Claire Eadie.

Michael Portillo Speaking Style
Portillo is an eloquent speaker. He can hold down any gathering of listeners with his superb way of speaking, which is garnished with humorous remarks here and there. Through his speeches, he has enlightened and inspired his audience.
As a high-profile politician, he’s an expert on political issues and current affairs. His background in politics has helped influence his speaking charisma.

He spent his early days working for a shipping company and the Conservative Research Department. Back in the 70s, he gave briefings to Margaret Thatcher in preparation for important conferences. He later became the Secretary of State for Energy. He further worked for Kerr McGee Oil Ltd from 1981 to 1983.

In 1984, he became the special advisor to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. He also won the Enfield Southgate election, and due to the victory, he emerged as the MP for that region.

While he served in the government, he held various high-profile offices, including Assistant Government Whip, Minister of State for Transport, Minister of State for Local Government and Inner Cities, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Secretary of State for Defence and Secretary of State for Employment.

In the middle 90s, he took a break from political issues and offices and spent quality time writing for newspaper columns. He returned to politics in 1999, becoming the MP for Kensington and Chelsea in a by-election. In February 2000, he was appointed the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. He served in the government till 2005 when he retired from all political aspirations. He concentrated more on journalism and his speaking career.

Michael Portillo is a brilliant man who graduated with a first-class degree in history.

Michael Portillo Children

As of the last available information, Michael Portillo and his wife, Carolyn Claire Eadie, did not have any children, and there were no reports of them adopting any child.

Michael Portillo Positions and Honours

  • Chairman – Sinfonia 21
    President, Debra
  • Special Advisor to the State for Energy — 1979 -1981
  • Special Advisor to the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry — 1983
  • Special Advisor to the Chancellor of Exchequer — 1983 – 1984
  • Conservative MP Enfield Southgate —1984 – 1997
  • Assistant Government Whip — 1986 – 1987
  • Party Under-Secretary of State for Social Security —1987 – 1988
  • Minister of State For Transport — 1988 – 1990
  • Minister for Local Government and Inner Cities — 1990 -1992
  • Appointed to Privy Council — 1992
  • Chief Secretary to the Treasury —1992 – 1994
  • Secretary of State for Employment — 1994 – 1995
  • Secretary of State for Defence — 1995 – 1997
  • Presenter, Channel 4 Portillo’s Progress — 1998
  • International Commission on Missing Persons (Yugoslavia) — 1998 – 2012
  • Conservative MP Kensington and Chelsea — 1999 – 2005
  • Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer — 2000 – 2001
  • Presenter BBC Great Britons: Elizabeth I — 2002
  • Presenter BBC Art That Shook The World: Richard Wagner, the Ring Cycle —2002
  • Presenter BBC Great Railway Journeys: From Granada to Salamanca — 2002
  • Presenter, Dinner With Portillo — 2002 to 2010
  • Presenter, BBC When Michael Portillo became a single mom — 2003
  • Presenter, BBC This Week — 2003
  • Theatre Critic: New Statesman —2004 – 2006
  • Columnist, The Sunday Times — 2004 till date
  • Presenter, BBC The Natural World: Spanish Wildlife —2006
  • Presenter, BBC Radio 4 The Moral Maze — 2006 till date
  • Presenter, BBC The Science of Killing — 2008
  • Presenter, BBC Great British Railway Journeys — 2010 till date
  • Chairman, Arts Endowment Fund — 2011 till date

Michael Portillo Net Worth

Michael Portillo, a figure known for his work as a politician, journalist, and broadcaster, is reported to have an estimated net worth of $6.2 million.


Michael Portillo has been a consistent and smart goal-getter who, for a long time, has taken his moments to understand that he is capable of doing so many things simultaneously. A great scholar and an articulate speaker. He has, over the years, proven that whatever one is passionate about can be used to impact society and the world at large.

He has influenced not only the younger generation of politicians, journalists, speakers and writers but also transferred a sane influence to his counterparts and contemporaries. He’s brilliant, evident in his awesome performance at the higher institution he attended. He can easily be regarded as a living legend. To date, Michael keeps inspiring many who come in contact with him and his proven works of excellence.

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