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Mary Lincoln Kenya, In Africa today, many amazing gospel musicians have golden voices, electrifying stage performances, and hearing voices. Many are well-known and have stuck to a particular niche in gospel music.

They have fans all over Africa and beyond, and these fans admire and respect them a lot because they are seen as evangelists of the gospel of Christ. Some are good with worship songs, others are excellent with praises, and others use their life experiences to share as testimonies in their songs. Be it as it may be, the bottom line is that Christians within Africa and beyond acknowledge them.

In this particular article, we will be looking at a Kenyan female gospel musician. Her voice is melodious, her music touches the depth of the soul of worshippers, and she physically represents Africa’s beauty. Her genre is the Kikuyu Gospel, and she has been doing quite well as a musician over the years. This gospel artist’s name is Mary Lincoln.

Here, we will look at what Mary has been up to in these past years of her career and all the challenges she faced as a gospel artist.


Full NameMary Lincoln Kenya
Age[age date=”1985/01/01″ full=”1″]
ProfessionKikuyu Gospel Singer cum Entrepreneur
SpouseMarried, Njogu Wa Njoroge
Net WorthN/A


Who Is Mary Lincoln Kenya?

She’s a popular Kikuyu Gospel musician who has gotten many fans and music lovers across Kenya and other African countries. With over ten years in the industry, having garnered several experiences and growth, she quickly rose into one of the most-talked-about gospel musicians of the Kikuyu Gospel music genre.

During her time in the industry, Mary Lincoln has thus far released hit songs such as Kamuhari, Ngai Niarumitie, Imera Ciothe, and Matuku Matana Thia Thia. Her songs have been played on several radio stations across the country.
Aside from music, she’s also a well-known hairstylist. She has her shop in Nairobi’s Gikomba environs. It’s said to be one of the top-ranking salons within that axis. She has been doing well in both her music career and hair styling.

Mary Lincoln Husband

Mary is married to the popular radio presenter Njogu wa Njoroge. They both got married in 2020. In attendance at their marriage ceremony were popular names in the entertainment industry, such as the media personality Wangeci wa Kariuki, Samidoh the musician, and the well-known comedian Muthee Kiengei. They both saw some similarities and decided to take their relationship to the next level. Both public figures in Kenya have tried to manage their marriage in the best way possible, trying not to fail like in their previous relationships. The couple both had children from their previous relationships before getting married.

Mary Lincoln Children

She’s a mother of three children from her previous marriage. She was once married to a less popular, young hustler before she met with her current husband. She, at times, shares her experience of motherhood and how tough it is raising kids, especially if one is a child with special needs. She has been a good mother to her children.

Mary Lincoln Scandal

Martha Mwihaki Hinga, a popular Kenyan blogger, once told the public that she had a leaked sex tape of a well-known gospel musician. She, however, didn’t state the name of a musician whose raunchy video she claimed to have. This public statement got a lot of tongues wagging and netizens giving various opinions on who they thought the musician was.
The revelation of the leaked nudes caused a shake in Mary’s marriage to her husband, Njogu, the presenter.

A newspaper once shared that a source close to the couple claimed that Njogu threatened to take away the beautiful house and the cozy car he bought for his wife after hearing the shocking revelation trending on social media.

Mary Lincoln Kenya felt so embarrassed and ashamed of her act. Acknowledging that the claims circulating in the media were true. She became repentant and went to the Christian Foundation Fellowship to kneel before the church’s bishop, Bishop Michael Wanderi, to plead for forgiveness and take his prayers. She did so to save her marriage and also get a second chance from God to serve in His vineyard. She eventually shared her experience with the media, acknowledging that the claims shared were true and that she was repentant and had gone past that stage.


As a gospel musician, it’s always expected of the person to represent Christ appropriately and as much as flee away from anything that looks like sin, and because one is popular as an evangelist of Christ, the brethren in Christ would be focused on the artist’s lifestyle. But also, it’s in good fate that the general public understands that these gospel artists are humans and are likely to commit sins. When Mary was accused of sharing her private belongings with another man, it took a lot of courage to admit to her wrongs and a repentant heart to seek forgiveness from God and all she must have wronged. Mary did the exact things she was expected to do as a good Christian: admitting sin without pride and repenting that same sin. This act of hers is one that Christians must emulate in this Heavenly race. Staying humble and remembering that we are a work in progress and not yet saints. She has shown her fans exemplary actions of what an evangelist should be. It’s her fans’ hope and wishes that she genuinely turns a new leaf as she has claimed to have done, and she also prays for the grace not to return to any act of iniquity.
Overall, Mary Lincoln is a great musician and a very good hairstylist. She has been able to manage both careers properly thus far, and amid controversies, she has still stood out tall and strong. The people of Kenya wish her well in both of her careers.

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