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Margeaux Morial Biography: Being born into a celebrity family automatically makes you a celebrity especially if you’re often seen in the media space. There are special benefits attached to being the child of famous parents. When a child’s parents are loved and reverenced. All the love, energy and every other positive vibe gets to the child. We can say such a child is very fortunate.

However, there might be a little bit of unease that this child would feel especially if the child, unlike the parents, is already used to show biz, the paparazzi, and media people all over them. As much as it’s exciting to be associated as a child from a famous home, there are times when his fame could be exhausting.

Fame is just like two sides of a coin, any side can be displayed at any time This is one of the reasons some celebrities guard their children away from the public scene.

In this article, we will talk briefly about what we have gathered so far on the celebrity child known as Margeaux Morial.


Full NameMargeaux Morial
CountryUnited States
Place Of BirthNew Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Martial StatusSingle
FatherMarc Morial
MotherMichelle Miller
Net Worth$1 Million

Who Is Margeaux Morial

She was born in 2005. She’s currently 18 years old as of 2023. She’s a young American celebrity who is the daughter of two renowned parents in their various careers. Her father is the well-known Marc Morial, who is a politician and a civic leader in America. He’s respected for his positive contributions to serving the public. Her mother is a popular journalist who works for CBS, her name is Michelle Miller.

Margeaux Morial Childhood

She was born in 2005 and raised by her parents in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. She has two brothers, Mason Morial and Kemah Morial. They share a great family bond while growing up and the children enjoy the benefits of being the celebrity kids.

Margeaux Morial Career

AA of people are not too sure about her career and what she does besides being the famous daughter of two great personalities. Sometimes she’s seen around some industry professionals. She doesn’t give much information about her parents and this kind of makes her appear to be a mysterious young girl. She has kept the media on edge, letting them make guesses and speculations about what her true career is. She hasn’t said anything to the public about her career or projects she’s working on, but she’s known to be doing quite well for herself. She appears to be an underground and silent worker who’s more focused on achieving her personal goals than letting the public into her private space.

For now, her career is unknown. It would probably remain this way till she’s ready to ‘let out the cat of the bag’.

Margeaux Morial’s Net Worth

Margeaux Morial hasn’t revealed her net worth or income sources. However, her father, Marc Morial, has reportedly accumulated a substantial fortune, estimated between $1 million and $5 million as of February 2024, from his roles as a politician, civil rights activist, and president of the National Urban League.

Her mother, Michelle Miller, is said to have an approximate net worth of $2.85 million from her career as a national journalist with CBS News. The family lives comfortably due to the successful careers of their parents.


Margeaux Morial is just like the regular child from a famous family who is receiving all the sides there is to fame. She has grown and understood how the media works and is very careful about giving so much personal information away. She’s a beautiful, charming young girl who just wants to live a happy and cheerful life with her family, while she works on her growth on a low key.

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