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Lawrence Lui is a licensed general building contractor. He’s a registered professional engineer and a certified hotel administrator. He’s the Standford Hotels Corporations, Inc. President and Cresleigh Homes Corporation. He’s the son of the second wealthiest man in Asia.


Full NameLawrence Lui
 Weight135 LBS / 61.23 KG
OccupationProfessional Engineer
FatherLui Chee Woo
Net Worth$450,000

Lawrence Lui Age

His actual date of birth or age isn’t available for the public’s consumption as his information has yet to be uploaded on Wikipedia. Still, looking at his physical appearance and the years he has been running his business, one can guess he’s approaching 60.

Lawrence Lui Educational Background

Lawrence received his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley. He further proceeded to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he obtained his Master’s degree in Science. He has a sound and quality educational background from prestigious institutes in the USA.

Lawrence Lui Career

Lawrence Lui is the President of Standford Hotels Corporation and Cresleigh Homes Corporation. He also founded his own company known as CreateLabs. He’s the President and Managing Director of CreateLabs. He’s earning an incredible amount of income from his businesses and doing so well in his career.

He’s a dedicated and hardworking man. He’s also a successful businessman and engineer. He didn’t just want to live the rest of his life on just his father’s success; he wanted to create his own, and that’s why he worked hard to put up his own company alongside the family company he manages.

Lawrence Lui Family

He comes from a very wealthy family. His father’s name is the influential Lui Chee Woo. He has three siblings: two brothers and a sister. His brother’s names are Francis Lui and Alexander Lui. His sister’s name is Paddy Tang Lui.

His mother’s identity and name are kept from the general public. Lawrence didn’t succumb to the pressure of being the ‘prodigal son’ who would sit around and squander his father’s resources and wealth as some young men did in their youth. Instead, Lawrence used his family’s name and wealth as a stepping stone to achieve his personal goals in life.

Lawrence Lui London Breed

Lawrence Lui is married to London Breed. London is the current Mayor of the city of San Francisco. No further details about his marriage can be found online. But they are happily married and living just fine as a couple. Like minds would always attract each other.

This is evident in the union between Lawrence Lui and London Breed. They are both goal-getters and have already set the right path to success for their children to follow.

Lawrence Lui Father

His father’s name is Lui Che-woo. He’s known as the second richest man in Asia. Lui Che-woo is the founder, chairman, and managing director of the K Wah Group and the Chairman of Galaxy Entertainment Group.

In the 1950s, he founded K Wah, a business platform for dealing in construction materials. After a while, he moved the business over to becoming a property development enterprise. In 1988, Galaxy became a leading game operator, with six casinos and hotels across the city.

His company has flourished for years, even amid economic crunch and meltdown.

Lui Che-woo is a well-known philanthropist who donates heavily to the educational sector and medical centers. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Chinese University in Hong Kong both benefit from his benevolence. Success is not just in the number of streams of income one has or the wealth one possesses. A successful lifestyle is one whereby an influential person uses his resources and energy to invest in others. Lui Che-woo wanted to achieve this, and he’s living a fulfilled life as he desires—wealthy in the bank and wealthy at heart.
In 2015, he introduced the Lui Che-woo Prize for World Civilization. This Prize includes benefits such as HK$20 million annually to growing businesses to empower them to achieve sustainability and financial growth.

He’s a former member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. He’s a proud father of four children: Francis, Alexander, Paddy, and Lawrence.
Lui Che-woo took his time to introduce a wealthy living into his family and generation. He was doing his best to aim at greater heights on the ladder of success. His children grew to understand what it means to work tirelessly to amass wealth, and Lui Che-woo did a great job setting this standard for them.

Lawrence Lui’s Net Worth

Lawrence has a mainstream income. His exact net worth isn’t available for public consumption. He has a successful career that gets him lots of money annually. Besides the hotels he manages, he has other extra sources of income due to his profession. Also, aside from his family’s wealth, he’s well-to-do, and one can estimate that his net worth is way over $450,000.


Lawrence Lui is a responsible man who has spent years acquiring sufficient knowledge and certificates to aid him in managing his father’s business and his own business. He’s one with an attractive force that attracts every string that pulls various ways of acquiring wealth through legitimate and legal means. As a highly educated man, he fully involved the knowledge he got from studying in his establishment.

He has an excellent social reputation and is undoubtedly a role model for those who hunger for career success. As a successful businessman in the hospitality industry, he has paved the way for other growing entrepreneurs to have an insight into what the future of their business should appear to be. He’s a consistent goal-getter who relies on something different than his family’s wealth to become fulfilled or successful.

He understands the reality of building oneself into a success story. A man like him always attracts like minds, and that’s why he’s married to one of the most successful women in society. Lawrence Lui is a business tycoon and icon that should be reverenced.

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