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Lavinia Roberts, When we talk about modern times and contemporary entertainment, we talk about social media and social media influencers. Many young people have seen the opportunity that social media have created to become famous and financially buoyant and have taken it up to become brand influencers.

These young people have a large number of followers and fans. They upload pictures, videos, and written notes that influence various grants from different economic sectors worldwide. They influence the fashion industry, the health sector, business franchises, homemade products, etc. These influencers sign deals with the companies they represent, which usually is a good payout. Brand influencing is currently one of the top means to make money with little stress and struggle. It’s a fast, thriving business venture for young people.

In this article, we will look at the lifestyle, family, and influencing careers of one of the popular brand influencers from the United States. She’s beautiful and bold. She’s popularly known as Livinia Roberts.


Full NameLivinia Roberts
Age25 years old (As of 2024)
 Ethnicity Mixed
Height5 feet 5 inches
Net Worth$200,000


Who Is Livinia Roberts?

Livinia Roberts is a famous social media influencer from the USA. She has over 80,000 followers on her Instagram page. She gained fame and a lot of followers because of the beautiful posts she puts up on her page. She wears different fashion brands and snaps with luxurious cars. She influences different brands.

She’s known for showing off luxury and comfy lifestyle to her followers. Her page can keep an eye glued to it because it looks fascinating and attractive. This is easy because luxury is attractive. Her Instagram name is Lavinia Roberts.
Lavinia Roberts Age
She was born in the United States in 1999. She’s currently 24 years old as of the year 2023.

Lavinia Roberts Lifestyle

She’s an animal enthusiast. She often shows off her luxury pets on her social media page. She’s a talented dancer who puts in more effort in mastering the art of dancing. She usually has fun whenever she engages in pulling pranks on people. She also loves lip-syncing to people’s music. It’s one of her favorite hobbies. She’s very energetic and passionate about whatever she does. She’s beautiful and youthful and uses it positively to her advantage. She once said she forgets easily, which she’s trying to overcome. She loves wearing hats and socks. One can easily see her wearing them in most pictures displayed posts on social media accounts.

She’s beautiful, bold, smart, energetic and always happy. She enjoys eating Korean food and also watching Korean movies as well. Another peculiar hobby of hers is her collection of necklaces and rings.
Livinia is overall a cool young lady.

Lavinia Roberts Family and Educational Background

Livinia does show much about her family on social media space. She’s private about that aspect. She keeps that off social media for reasons best known to her.

She attended a school in Georgia called Marietta High School. She wasn’t so much of a bright student as she found it quite difficult to have good grades. She dropped out of school, and her father home-schooled her. Without having so much of a formal education, she still strived hard to be a popular social media influencer.

Lavinia Roberts Career

Before she became a social media influencer, she used to work as a hostess at a food joint. She didn’t enjoy working under people because she felt some bosses were rude and disrespectful. She had to quit the job to work independently on what she could handle. She created her brand and decided to be her boss. That was what birthed her career in social media influencing.

Lavinia Roberts Net Worth

Livinia is a hardworking young lady. She’s always dedicated to what she’s passionate about. She puts in all the work to make her brand popular and thrive in the social media space.

She has influenced many people to be independent workers, especially young ladies like her. Every day she keeps pushing to gain fame, more knowledge, and more money in her bank account. She’s currently worth about $200,000. This is a good enough achievement for a young lady her age. She’s certain to make much more progress in many years with her positive mindset and dedication.


Livinia is a beautiful, fun-loving, and entertaining young lady passionate about taking her brand to the best possible level. She’s smart and funny. One very important thing to note about her lifestyle is that she was intelligent enough to have discovered herself, know where her feminine power lies, and have decided to put it to positive use.

She’s a clear example of someone who has proven useful and important besides going through the education route. She’s proof that education isn’t the only means to success, but self-discovery and determination. As she influences brands, she also influences young people who could be better at studying at school to find other stuff they are good at and pick up a lifetime career from there. She’s a ray of hope to those with low self-esteem because of their poor grades at school. She has proven that there are different routes to success, and no one should be so focused or emphasize just one route.
She also influences people to be independent and start their businesses because it’s much more convenient and profitable to be a business owner running a brand.

She also has a special kind of fans who are animal enthusiasts. They appreciate her love and care for animals and pets. They look up to her for more tips on building a good relationship with pets.
Finally, her always happy and smiling face keeps her followers happy and hopeful, and it has a special effect on those passing through difficult phases to find a reason to smile. She’s an awesome all-round influencer.

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