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Kemah Bob Biography, In comedy, globally, many male folks have dominated the industry. However, few extraordinary women have mastered the art of comedy and whose aura and presence provoke laughter out of the mouth of their audience. These are remarkable women whose jokes have been contagious and whose presence has been heartwarming.

They make us think less of our worries, and their tales, though funny, yet inspire us differently as they relate life issues with comedy. These stand-up comedies have found their way into the movie and music industry, showing off their other great skills, all interwoven with their comic artistry. These beautiful women have paved the way for upcoming comic actors and have inspired many to pursue a comedy career.

They have also unlearned and relearned useful information that has helped them become successful in their diverse ways. The story of most of them growing up and getting to where they are has yet to be quite rosy, yet they do their best to entertain us and even create time to accommodate their family members into their awesome lives.

We all can come to an agreement that we can’t be talking about entertainment and ignore the essence of the presence of comedy in the lives of viewers and listeners.

In this article, we will be concentrating on the biography, lifestyle, and career achievements of a young, active, and vibrant comedienne and activist who has, in a few years, been able to create a space on the stars list of women in the entertainment industry and comedy globally. The comedienne of focus is known as Kemah Bob.


Full NameKemah Bob
Age[age date=”1995/03/20″ full=”1″]
Place Of BirthUnited States
ProfessionActress, Comedian
Net Worth N/A

Who Is Kemah Bob

Kemah Bob, a 28-year-old comedian, was born on March 20, 1995, in Houston, Texas. She currently resides in London, England, after spending time in various places including California.

Kemah gained popularity as the host of “It’s a Sin: After Hours” and later co-hosted “The Island” alongside Tom Allen and Jason Forbes.

Kemah Bob’s Early Life

Kemah was born on March 20th, 1995. She is currently 28 years old as of 2023. Her zodiac sign is Aries. She has an American nationality even though she originally had a mixed ethnicity.
Her immediate environment while growing up inspired her to do what she does. It molded her into discovering her talent for effortlessly amusing people a couple of times. It also made her develop her skills of standing in front of a group of people or an audience to perform and do so excellently.

She grew up in Houston, Texas. She attended a school in Waco, Texas. She has lived and shuffled through California and London. In her younger days, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when her speech increased speedily to an incomprehensible state.

Kemah Bob Career

She started her journey as a comedienne in Los Angeles. She was once pulled out from her theatre class by her professor, who remarked that she was a staunch talkative, though he enjoyed most of her hilarious comments. He suggested to her to go for the audition at the improv team. From then onwards, her passion for comedy grew, and she began her journey into the entertainment industry.

She hosts a podcast and a comedy night called FOC It Up, which features various comedians of color.

In 2019, she became the finalist in the Funny Women Awards. She’s a drag king persona. She is an activist for men’s rights.

In 2021, she presented the show titled, ‘It’s A Sin: After Hours. In the same year, she worked on the Comedy Central show, ‘Yesterday, Today, and The Day Before,’ but quit after the show’s first episode due to Duker’s monologue on the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

She co-hosted the show titled ‘The Island’ with Tom Allen and Jason Forbes in 2022.
She later appeared on the Richard Osman’s House of Games for two weeks. Her voice attracted a lot of viewers and interest to it.

She has also appeared on ‘Don’t Hate the Playaz, Sorry, CelebAbility, Guessable, Question Team, I Didn’t Know, Apocalypse, Wow, BBC Radio 4’s Elephant in the Room, and several others.
Kemah shuffled her time, appearing at different stand-up shows and TV shows, creating a large visibility for herself and her brand. She will use each experience on each show and program to build up her confidence, profile, and skills. At every event and show she appeared at, she did her best to bring life into them, creating happiness in the hearts of the viewers and listeners.

Kemah Bob Boyfriend

As of the available information, Kemah Bob is single. She maintains an extensive social circle with numerous friends and a sizable presence on social media. While she has close relationships and friendships, there is no public information available regarding a romantic partner or relationship.

Kemah Bob Disability

Kemah has no significant disability, as it was rumored and thought by many who knew her in the public space. It was believed that she was deaf and had a kind of speech obstruction.

She has, over time, had to converse with her fans on the shows she appears at and hasn’t shown any sign of disability. She’s yet to discuss the peddling rumors or confirm if they were true. She would have if it were true. She’s concentrating on her job as a comedienne rather than paying attention to the rumors around her brand.
She has no disability, as against the rumor making rounds.


Kemah is a special young woman who has taken the time to craft a niche for herself. Give herself space to groom, grow, and explore all possible and available options.

Failing at some and winning at others. Striving to thrive through challenges to achieve her goals. Putting smiles on her viewers’ faces even at moments when she might just be going through a personal challenge or problem. Being strong enough and lending her voice as an activist protects the interest of the male folks and counterparts. She didn’t let her chatterbox attitude prevent her from aiming for her goals; rather, she turned it into something pleasant and favorable that many people look forward to hearing from her.

She’s young, bold, courageous, and lively. She is a young soul that easily attracts great company around her. She’s loveable and attractive. She can be referred to anyone who has lemons and wants to create ‘lemonades’ out of them. She has survived and passed through mental health issues and can stand as a mentor who can counsel people who might be experiencing mental health problems and help them with tips on how to heal from it.

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