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Joy Millard Biography, Wiki, Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family And Career

Joy Millard has been so popular and successful. If you are among the people searching for Joy Millard’s Biography, Age, and husband, then here is the information.

Joy Millard Biography

Queen of Street Art, as she’s popularly referred to, due to her successful career as a graffiti artist. Joy is also actively involved in politics as a lobbyist. In the UK, she plays the role of a lobbyist. She also founded a lobby group called ‘Principal Affairs in 2005. This group was created to support charity movements and engagements.

Joy was born in the West Midlands. She currently lives in Canningham, where she invests much of her income into food and beverages. Joy got married to her celebrity artist husband, Robin Gunningham.

Joy Millard maintains a quiet lifestyle and takes her private affairs off the social media space. Her fans, who would have loved to know more about her and her family, are somewhat disappointed that their icon isn’t a social media enthusiast.
She was a researcher who played her role quite well in her involvement with Labour MP Austin Mitchell as a researcher.
Joy has not disclosed her marital status to her husband and family for personal reasons. She loves and admires her husband a lot. So, she dedicated her time and energy to preserving the Banksy dynasty and working tirelessly alongside her husband.

In 2005, she established and ventured into her business, which she manages with much excitement and fulfillment.
She possesses a luxurious collection of assets.

Robin stayed off work for a while when he sustained a spinal injury. He returned to work later in 2006.
Banksy’s real identity has remained undisclosed, and various controversies have arisen because of his identity.

Joy Millard Husband

Millard’s husband, Robin, is a creative and passionate artist. He was born in 1973 in Bristol. Bristol is often perceived to have Banksy’s origins. Robin Gunningham studied at Bristol Cathedral School, a renowned public school. Robin’s Art Gallery in London brings a natural and original art collection to the limelight. One done out of raw talent and finely developed tutorship.

Through their unique artworks, Joy and Robin have gathered quite a lot of wealth. Their unique artworks, dedication, energy, and time they had put into their beautiful world of art have fetched them the comfortable luxury life they probably have always wanted.

Both husband and wife live in a very serene community with access to very few people in their private family affairs. They work smart and in silence. They, however, grace important events, and their affluence doesn’t go unnoticed whenever they are all out there. Women and men of class adore their successful lifestyles in the art world.

Unique Work Of Joy Millard’s Husband

In the early 2000s, Banksy’s artwork began to appear in exhibits and galleries.
In 2004, with counterfeit notes of 10 pounds each with the face of Princess Diana, he used to recreate Monet’s ‘Water Lily Pond.’

Christina Aguilera once bought an original and two prints for 25,000 pounds. After the other pieces in the exhibition were sold out. Banksy Effect gradually began to gain fame and sell out a lot faster than before.

In 2007, another incredible feat Banksy’s artwork gained was selling one of his works for 288,000 pounds.
In 2008, Banksy’s artwork debuted in Louisiana.

Sometime in 2009, King Robbo, a famous graffiti from London, had a clash with Banksy. Banksy destroyed most of Robbo’s artwork. Robbo decided to repair it. Banksy kept destroying his artwork till Robbo, in turn, revenged and began to destroy Banksy’s artwork wherever he saw it on display. This conflict between them brought about a famous TV documentary titled ‘Graffiti Wars’
In 2010, a documentary titled, ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop,’ which was solely about Banksy, was released and deeply appreciated in the public space.
Banksy worked extra hard and was determined to make a fortune from his sales.

In 2013, he created a pop-up store with unique designs and placed a price tag of $60 per piece. It, however, took the art viewers a lot of time to understand that an advanced man was guarding the pop-up. They also wondered about the genuity of the artwork.

In 2015, he launched a satire of Disneyland called ‘Dismaland’.
In 2018, he finally sold an artwork for one million pounds.

Joy Millward Banksy

Is Banksy, Joy Millard’s husband?

It became a popular suggestion after Joy and her husband tied the knot that Robin Gunningham is also the elusive famous artist Banksy. He’s a renowned artist, always known for his unique cryptic art. However, Banksy’s real identity has remained hidden. Also, his achievement could have helped him achieve a better and cozy relationship with his parents.


Joy Millard is an ambitious woman who wants to make a massive difference in her world. She wants to touch the art world and politics positively. She’s a great support system and partner to her husband. This is clear in how she tries to manage and support the art business yet concealing what was agreed on for the benefit of the home. She’s talented and creative, evident from her title — The Queen Of Street Art. A title such as that can only be earned by someone who knows her ‘onions’ in creativity and the world of arts. She’s smart, and one can quickly tell when she decided to start her own private business. Every intelligent woman would want to start a business or career. She’s a young achiever. Below the age of 40, she has already marked a niche for herself. She has gotten fame through her career and the business she established. She runs different companies firmly and is still a queen in the game. She’s a quiet achiever; she doesn’t always flaunt her affluence, but one can’t mistake her influential self when she occasionally steps into an event. She’s very classy. Joy is a strong, brave, and established woman who needs to be studied and emulated by aspiring female entrepreneurs below 40. She has a lot to offer and share with other young women.

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