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In life, one of the ways of pushing up to achieve your goals is not by waiting for the large resources to arrive before you take that great leap of faith. When hungry for success, any means available would be used as a stepping stone to rise to stardom.

In the entertainment industry, there have been several inspiring stories of young entertainers who had no financial backups, no media godfathers, and the like but still found their way to the top of their game.

This class of entertainers is the one we can all easily agree to be referred to as ‘heroes’ because it takes a huge courage to create something great out of something little and available.

Having said this, let’s look at the life journey of one of these young entertainers who didn’t hold back from seizing the good opportunities they had available to rise to stardom. The inspirational journey of the beautiful and smart Bangladeshi singer known as Joy Crookes.

This person used the social media platform available to her to create something huge for herself. Joy Crookes is a YouTuber, and she has, over the past years, used this platform to show the world that she has a great voice and she wants to use this platform to entertain millions of people across the globe.
Let’s talk about the smart YouTuber.


Full NameJoy Elizabeth Akther Crookes
Age[age date=”1998/10/09″ full=”1″]
Birth PlaceLondon, England
Record LabelInsanity Records
BoyfriendEzra-Loyd Jackson
Net Worth $3 million

Who Is Joy Crookes?

Joy Crookes is a British-Bangladeshi singer who became quite popular after she released her song titled, ‘When You Were Mine’ on her YouTube channel called ‘Joy Crookes.’

Her song got to over 13 million listeners on YouTube. The song was amazing, and it got many likes and brought thousands more subscribers to her YouTube channel.

So far in her career, she has been nominated for Rising Star and Brit Awards in 2021. In 2020, she was among the top five on the UK Music chart.

Joy Crookes Music Career

She began her music career in 2013 at 14 when she uploaded the cover of the musician Ray Charles’ song titled, ‘Hit The Road Jack’ on YouTube. This video got over 500,000 views on YouTube when it was uploaded. From her teenage years, she took the courage to put herself in the spotlight while she waited to know how the listeners and viewers would respond to her. Attaining over 500,000 views on YouTube at her teenage stage was an amazing feat for her.

When she turned 17, she released her debut singles titled, ‘Bad Feeling,’ ‘New Manhattan’ and ‘Sinatra’. She released these singles in June 2017.

In 2021, she released another popular single titled, ‘Feet Don’t Fail Me Now.’ This single made it to the 3 spot on the UK Asian Top 40. It was also featured on the EA Sports Video game FIFA 22. It also was the lead single for her debut album.

Crookes, after attending a jazz and blues workshop, got interested in music and kicked off with doing covers of Laura Marling on YouTube. She went ahead to release cover versions of the song titled, ‘You and Me Song’ of the Wannadies. This cover song was featured on the 02 TV commercial and chatted in the UK Singles Downloads and the UK Singles Sales Charts.

She’s one musician who is an example of a grass-to-grace star who has gotten many lovers and admirers of her music from across the globe. She has many more years available for her to achieve all her goals. She kicked off her career on the right footing, and this has presented itself as an edge for her over most of her peers and contemporaries.

What Inspired Crookes Music?

Crookes, in an interview with BBC, revealed that she loved music when her father usually drove her to Irish dance classes. She loved King Tubby and Nick Cave’s style of music, and she became drawn to music after listening to a couple of their music. She further said that when her grandfather, Frankie Crookes, passed, she tattooed his name on her arm. Her grandfather motivated her to love music and love life. In his loving memory, she got herself tattooed as an everlasting reminder of how much he meant to her.

Joy Crookes Parents

Crookes was born to a Bangladeshi woman from Dhaka and an Irish dad from Dublin. She lived most of her childhood at Elephant and Castle.

At the age of 14, her parents got separated. She moved on with her mother to Ladbroke Groove.

Joy Crookes Boyfriend

She was dating Brooklyn Beckham until they had to split in 2018. There has not been any record of her being in a romantic relationship from then until now. Well, at least she hasn’t been talking about any boyfriend or uploading pictures of herself and a guy; the public assumes that she’s currently not in a relationship.

Joy Crookes Net Worth

Crookes earns quite a huge amount of money from her YouTube channel. She has over 10 million subscribers, earning her a lot from YouTube. She’s currently estimated to earn a net worth of over $3 million.


From how she got inspired to sing to how she pushed further to be heard worldwide. Joy’s grace-to-grace tales are quite inspiring, and they motivate many people to use the little things they see around them and turn them into a goldmine, just like Joy did for herself.

It further shows that there are no limits to what one can achieve so long as there’s the passion, courage, and willingness to achieve one’s goals in life. Joy didn’t let doubt consume her.

Rather, she took a bold step, even though she wasn’t sure of how the world would react to the song covers she did. She took the bold step, put out her talent there, and got her desired recognition. Her journey for years to come will continue being a reference to motivate the younger generation.

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