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In years past and for quite some time, we have heard and read of awkward stories where children caused harm to their parents; parents hurt their children, nannies ill-treatment kids in their care, and different social vices that sometimes lead to the tragic loss of lives.

Sometimes, these cases were attributed to a mental health disorder of the attackers.

For this article, we will talk about a mother who kept plotting how to murder her son and disguise herself as the killer of the young boy. She has been recorded as one of the moms who ended the lives of their child or children in their time of distress.

As unbelievable as this take might appear, it’s quite unfortunate that I have to inform you that such happened. You’ll learn more about this critical case as you keep reading on.

The case here is about Gigi Jordan, a wealthy pharmacist, and her little son, whom she murdered.


Real NameGigi Jordan
 Famous AsKilling her Son
OccupationPharma Professional
Net Worth$25million


Gigi Jordan Conviction

In 2014, Jordan was convicted of the crime of manslaughter for forcefully feeding her 8-year-old autistic son, Jude Mirra, with an overdose of pills. She used Facilitated Communication (FC) to communicate with her son.

The messages gathered by the court from the FC revealed the emotional abuses the boy suffered till his death.

How Jude’s Autism Began

Jude Mirra was born a healthy child, but not until 18 months after birth did he begin to show extreme emotional stress. He was later tested and diagnosed with autism; this was a result his mother didn’t want to accept.

She decided to take him to different renowned doctors across the country to find a cure for his autism, but no solution was found. She requested that a stem-cell transplant be carried out on him, but it didn’t solve anything either.

She also went to Mississippi to consult a doctor, who used electric shocks on Jude. He felt that the boy had gone through sexual abuse and was having a psychosis. However, his mother refused to believe the results of all the doctors she met.

Gigi Jordan Trial

In 2020, in New York, a magistrate judge granted Gigi another trial. It has been recorded that she had been imprisoned since 2015 for first-degree manslaughter after murdering her son. The magistrate ruled that having a closed meeting during the original proceedings violated her Sixth Amendment rights to a fast and public trial.

The prosecutors of the case refused the decision. The magistrate’s decision overruled the findings of a state panel over this same issue.

About the Facilitator Control

At the time Gigi was using the FC, a couple of health organizations such as the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, New York State Health Department, Association for Behaviour Analysis, Association Council of Representatives, Behavior Analysis Association of Michi and American Speech-Language and Hearing Association had already released statements that the use of FC should be prohibited because there was false allegations of abuse, lack of scientific evidence and facilitator control.

The FC Messages

Gigi typed horrifying messages such as this to her son through the FC.
“I need to be dead; I need a lot of drugs to die peacefully.”

“So let’s get out while we can. We are going to die anyway; let’s do it ourselves instead of them.

Then, in February 2010, she took her son to a Manhattan hotel room to end his life by forcing an overdose of pills down his throat. The FC message read:
“I feel so bad. I want to be done with life.”
“We need to leave in a way we want to, not their way. Get the pills and try to do it. I hope you do it soon.”

“I’m scared you’re too chicken. Jesus, know you’re sorry; he forgave you long ago. It’s not murder…It is ok if you’re doing it to save me from them.

Jude Mirra’s Tragic Death

A forensic pharmacologist found levels of Xanax in the boy’s bloodstream that were 19 times over what an adult would take. There said to be Prozac, which was about 40 times that of an adult dosage.

At the court, Gigi testified to giving him Vicodin mixed with vodka and orange juice, forcing down his throat over 50 pills at the same time. Gigi claimed that her son took the medication willingly. The detectives investigating the crime said that they found bruises on the boy’s nose, mouth, and chest.

Gigi claimed that the bruises happened when she was trying to revive him with CPR after he died. The detectives also found a syringe, which use was known for forcing liquids down someone’s throat.

Gigi Jordan Net Worth

Gigi was one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the industry. She has made so much in her years building up her company. She’s said to have accumulated a net worth of over $25million.


It’s quite pathetic that a mother badly and gruesomely tormented her biological son till she succeeded in murdering him. At first glance, stories like this appear to be unbelievable, but strange things like this and more happening across the world.

Mothers are known to be very compassionate and loving towards their kids, notwithstanding the unfortunate situation that they might be in. But here we have Gigi, who got tired of her son’s case and decided to end the boy’s life. She wanted the world to assume that her young son, who has autism, was responsible for all the messages she read. Kudos to the detectives who took their time to figure out what happened to the boy and present their findings to the court.

Gigi was an unrepentant murderer, and this was obvious in the way she kept defending herself and telling the court fake tales about a helpless kid. The story of Gigi is one which the public would disapprove of because of the gravity of the crime.

From this story, one can learn that when an investigation is being carried out on a deceased who didn’t die a natural death, the family and loved ones must be investigated, too, as everyone is likely to be a suspect in that murder case.

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