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Francis Anabor Godwin was formerly a magnate with immense wealth, possessing an enviable collection of high-end vehicles, a jet for private use, and multiple properties within Nigeria and internationally. Celebrated for his extravagant way of living, generosity, and societal influence, he was united in matrimony to Anthonia, a woman noted for her beauty and devotion, with whom he had four children. His life was the epitome of success until unforeseen circumstances led to a rapid decline in his fortunes.


Full NameFrancis Anabor Godwin
Nick NameFrancis Anabor
 Age50 to 60 Year’s Old
BornFebruary 19th
Place Of BirthKano State
State Of OriginEdo State
Net Worth$10,000

Who Is Francis Anabor Godwin

Godwin Francis Anabor is a well-recognized and once-celebrated figure in the Edo region, previously known for his grandeur and wealth as a leading billionaire. Famous for his lavish lifestyle, Francis made a name for himself through his sharp business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit, boasting an extensive investment portfolio, particularly noted for his flourishing automobile venture.


Francis Anabor Godwin Emerged as an influential Nigerian businessman and philanthropist. His business acumen was particularly evident through his significant involvement in car dealerships and real estate investments, leading to substantial property acquisitions throughout Nigeria.

His lifestyle was a testament to his success, evidenced by his expansive property and luxury car collection. His prominence made him one of the most affluent personalities within the Edo community, recognized for both his wealth and influence.

Alongside his business endeavours, Francis Anabor Godwin was deeply dedicated to philanthropy, significantly contributing to his community. He was involved in numerous welfare projects, investing in improving his surroundings and supporting various charitable organizations aimed at positive societal impact.

Personal life

Notable highs and lows marked Francis Anabor Godwin journey. Initially married to Toyin, a woman of Yoruba descent, the marriage ended in divorce. He later found love again with Anthonia, with whom he expanded his family. However, his life took a dramatic turn as he transitioned from a successful businessman to becoming a taxi driver following an alleged financial betrayal.

Francis Anabor Godwin life story is resilient despite the turmoil and dramatic changes, including the end of his first marriage and subsequent professional challenges. Now, as a taxi driver, he embodies determination, facing life’s adversities head-on while supporting his family.

Previously a man of considerable wealth, Godwin Francis Anabor had an impressive array of assets, including luxury vehicles, private jets, and extensive real estate. His investments were varied and widespread, and he was known for generous donations to charity and community initiatives.

Francis Anabor Godwin Wife’s

Francis’s marital life saw him wed twice, first to Toyin, which ended in divorce, and then to Anthonia, a sergeant he met at a police station. The downfall in his business and personal life is attributed to alleged deceit and betrayal from close associates, leading to a drastic reduction in his wealth.

Francis Anabor Godwin Net Worth 

Once in the millions, Francis Anabor’s net worth has significantly dwindled, reflecting the stark changes in his fortune and status.


Francis Anabor Godwin life is a profound rise, fall, and resilience narrative. Once a billionaire known for his luxurious lifestyle and significant business ventures in the Edo region, he faced dramatic changes that led him from the heights of wealth to driving a taxi. Despite these challenges, his story is one of undying spirit and commitment to his family and community, demonstrating that even in the face of adversity, one can persevere and adapt.

FAQ About Godwin Francis Anabor

Q: What was Francis Anabor Godwin known for?

A: Godwin Francis Anabor was known for being a prominent billionaire in the Edo region, with extensive investments in the car business and real estate. He was also recognized for his philanthropic efforts and opulent lifestyle.

Q: How did Francis Anabor contribute to society?

A: Francis contributed to society through his philanthropic efforts, including substantial financial contributions to charitable projects and non-profit organizations within his community.

Q: What led to Francis Anabor’s downfall?

A: While the specifics are unclear, it is suggested that financial deceit in his business dealings, possibly involving betrayal by close allies, led to a significant loss in his wealth and status, resulting in his career change to taxi driving.

Q: Who was Francis Anabor married to?

A: Francis was first married to a woman named Toyin, and after their divorce, he married Anthonia, whom he met at a police station.

Q: What is known about Francis Anabor’s current life?

A: Francis Anabor’s life vastly differs from his days of affluence. He now works as a taxi driver, symbolizing his resilience and determination to provide for his family despite the drastic changes in his circumstances.

Q: What is Francis Anabor’s net worth now?

A: Francis Anabor’s net worth is currently reported to be less than US$10,000, reflecting the significant impact of his professional and personal setbacks.

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