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Christopher Saccoccia, also known as Chris Sky, is a Canadian who was fully involved in anti-mask, COVID-19 denial, anti-vaccine, and anti-lockdown movements during the pandemic. He has been charged with breaking the preventive measures laws during the pandemic and other legal issues during the election while running for office as a mayor in Ontario, Canada.


Full NameChris Saccoccia
Nick NameChris Sky
OccupationConspiracy Theorist and Property Developer
Net Worth$998 millions

Chris Saccoccia Age and Background

Chris was born in 1985 in Ontario, Canada. He’s currently 38 years old. He’s from a financially buoyant family. His father is Art Saccoccia, a wealthy developer and CEO of Sky Homes Corp. He was born into affluence and has also worked hard to be rich.

Chris Saccoccia Career

Besides being a famous activist, Chris Sky is also a property developer. He has been successful with this career so far. He is also the Vice President at his family’s company, Sky Homes Corp. He has also managed his position quite well at the company and ensured that the family company’s affairs are appropriately addressed.

Who Is Chris Saccoccia’s Wife?

Chris Saccoccia is married to Jennifer. She’s 35 years old. Just like Chris, she’s a strong activist and a believer in what Chris believes and stands for. As for Chris, she has also been arrested countless times for carrying out rallies and organizing events that kicked against following the preventive measures given by the government to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. One can say she fits her husband like a glove. Chris and Jennifer are both happily married.

Chris Saccoccia And Controversies

Chris once spoke to a crowd of about 100 people on anti-covid-19 and anti-mask at Hillcrest Park. The police arrested him for his public utterances.

He hosted rallies like the Regina Freedom Rally at Stuart Park to promote his anti-mask agenda. He also creates scenes at grocery stores to get the attention of the people around him to create awareness for his motion.

He has been charged with a breach of undertaking under the Civil Protection Act. He has also been criticized for not following the mandatory quarantine imposed by the government after his return from abroad.

Chris Saccoccia Arrests and Controversies At The Mayor Election

Chris Sky, the mayoral candidate for Ontario, Toronto, for 2023, was arrested in 2021 for threatening to shoot elected officials. He was charged with this crime 73 times. When these allegations and charges came up again in 2023, this was what Chris had to say about it in a video:
“I’m quite confident that I will be exonerated; the best thing anyone watching can do is to go out, share this video, and tell everyone to vote for me.” He further said that the news making rounds about this was just a ploy to render his candidacy null and void.

Chris Saccoccia Net Worth

Chris Sky is from a wealthy background. He has also created fame and wealth for himself through the influence of his family’s affluence. He’s currently estimated to be worth about $998million.

Chris Saccoccia, Mayor Candidate

Chris ran for the mayor candidacy in Ontario alongside over 100 candidates in June 2023. However, he lost the chance to be a mayor as he gathered 1.1% of the votes, making him take the 9th position.
Olivia Chow was announced as the new mayor of the city. Since the result announcement, Chris and his supporters claimed that fraudulent activities occurred before and during the election and tagged the election as not being free and fair.

Chris Saccoccia And His Activist Movements

The famous Canadian anti-mask activists have been engaged in opening new private schools for children during the pandemic where there won’t be any mandatory mask-wearing for the children and social distancing. He embarked on a Freedom Convoy tour across Canada.

He also created pandemic pods that permit small families to come together to create a private learning environment for their children. Here, the parents can hire tutors and home-school their children. Chris was bent on carrying out his motion, which he believed would save children from constantly wearing masks and social distancing that could hurt them physiologically.

Chris Saccoccia has created and is still working on his initiative whereby he creates a platform for quality yet affordable education for children in Ontario, Canada.

He raises his concerns about children’s mental health and firmly believes that prolonged social distancing can have a massive impact on their mental health.
Chris might be seen as one who sometimes goes quite off with how he goes about his activism, and he has stood out as a person who strongly believes in what he feels is correct and is also determined to fight for his rights. His compassionate heart towards kids can’t be ignored. It’s heartwarming to know that a multimillionaire in dollars still cares about kids from not-so-financially buoyant homes and wants to ensure that he gets as many as he can educate.
His wife, too, is a great support system for his work and aspirations. Little wonder it’s often said that one should marry his friend. Jennifer understands his vision and decides to support him all the way. As much as society would appreciate that Chris acts relatively civil towards his approach in his movement, it’s also recorded in history that one from the famous Saccoccia family still has the interest of the people at heart. He’s most definitely going to be a great dad. He already has the attributes of one who would want to be responsible for the welfare of his kids, as shown in his concern for other kids from the not-so-rich homes. There are people in the society who view Chris as defiant. Others think otherwise and have supported him all the way. Chris Saccoccia might have a lot of great stuff to offer to the people of Ontario; I presume he’s hopeful about becoming a Mayor someday.

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