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Ashley Reeves Biography: Some stories are being told this day, they appear quite unbelievable, but they are stories that happened for real. These stories often sound like a fairytale to almost everyone who hears them.

The protagonists of these real-life stories are always eager to share them with the public. In various religions, it can be tagged as a testimony much more than a story. But it’s mainly the fate or the destiny of the protagonist that makes the journey of the story easy for anyone to relate with as they share it. Some of these real-life stories are usually penned down and published as a book. At other times, these stories are adapted into movie scripts and a film gets produced based on the book published.

In this article, we will be looking at the life experiences of a particular woman in her 40s, who shared with the world the miraculous ways she cheated death and still came out strong in almost the most unbelievable way ever!

Her story was adapted into a movie and to date, many who viewed the movie still marvel at what she experienced and how she could still come out alive and strong.

Have you seen the movie titled, ‘Left For Dead’? If you have, then we present to you, the brief history of dear Ashley Reeves, how she conquered death and is still strong to this day.
Let’s talk about Ashley Reeves.


Full Name:Ashley Reeves
Profession:American crime victim
Height:5 feet 7 inches (1.70m)
Marital Status:married
Eye ColorBlue
FatherTracy Green Koenig
MotherMichelle Reeves
Siblingstwo (brother: Daniel Koenig and sister: Madison Koenig)
Net Worth $1- 5 Million

Ashley Reeves Early Life

Ashley was born on the 1st of January, 1983. She’s surprisingly one of the new babies ushered into a new year. It’s a special day and who knows, prolly is one of the happenings of fate that makes her a special person. She was born in Belleville, Illinois, USA. She’s currently 40 years old as of 2023. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Her parents are known as Mr and Mrs Reeves. She has a brother and sister known as Daniel and Madison respectively. Not much was revealed about her family, but on the internet, there are pictures of her siblings and her. She did her primary, high school, and college in the USA. She spent her childhood down to adulthood as a resident of the United States.

Ashley Reeves Height and Weight

She is 5 feet 7 inches tall. She has a great height and figure. She approximately weighs 65kg. She has a brown hair color. Her eyes are deep blue. She wears a size 6 footwear. She’s a beautiful woman in and out. And perceived to have a great aura around her.

Ashley Reeves Assassination Survival

Ashley is an assassination survivor. She has escaped several attempts over her life. She was fortunate to have escaped alive. She had a romantic relationship with her teacher, Samson Shelton. Samson was a gym instructor and a professional wrestler.

At some point, the relationship hit the rocks and ended. They both had a huge argument and fight. Samson got upset and attempted to end her life. Samson had temperamental issues and his only vengeance was to take her life. It was quite unfortunate she had to fall in love with a man that mean and petty.

Professional wrestlers are generally known for protecting their women in the good times and rough times. But it seems that he was different. Taking her life seemed to give him a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. Quite sad indeed!
On the 27th of April, 2006, Sam attempted to murder her by strangling her to death and dumping her at Belleville Park. She was unconscious for over 30 hours. Reeves was declared missing, and when she was found, the police discovered that she had her neck broken and had suffered a concussion. It was a huge miracle that she regained consciousness and was back to life after such a terrible experience from a mean man. Further investigation into the matter showed that Samson was the culprit. He was charged to court for attempted murder and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. The police did an awesome job by getting him to face the consequences of his actions and ensuring that he remains behind bars for the safety of other lives.
The movie titled, ‘Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story’ was a movie produced out of her life experiences on how she narrowly escaped being murdered.

Ashley Reeves Marriage

She’s married to a man known as John. They both have two adorable kids together. She’s private about her marital life and children and doesn’t disclose much info about them. It’s quite a relief for many to know that she let herself love again and be loved back. She has her own beautiful family now and hopefully, it becomes a happily happily-ever-after.

Ashley Reeves Net Worth

Ashley Reeves’ net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. She has amassed this wealth primarily through her career as a blogger.


Ashley’s story can make just anyone believe in miracles. She had faced death and conquered severally. An awesome tale and testimony. Ashley’s story has a clear message for young women, Young women have got to be mindful of who they decide to give their hearts to and be sure about the temperament of whom they decide to date. Avoid being completely blinded by love and have a calculated romantic relationship. It also teaches everyone that one should be able to control their temper to think less of carrying out evil plans against humanity. It also brings to mind the need to love one another selflessly and understand that life is precious and should be treated as gold. Samson was sentenced to 20 years in prison, this can be the fate of anyone who attempts to take the life of another. If a relationship goes sour, it’s sensible to lick your wounds and heal from the heartbreak instead of taking your own ‘pound of flesh.’

Glad that Ashley got the chance to share this part of her life with the public. This tale would help resharpen the mindset of people and make them extra careful of whatever decision they decide to take in life or actions they decide to carry out because, in all, honesty, every act we make always has its consequences.

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