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In the corporate world, there are some special women of substance, influence, and caliber. These women are already at the top of their games. These women spent their youthful years building and growing their businesses and careers. Women quickly understood that they were brilliant and could contribute immensely to society by solving crucial problems and making lives a lot easier to live.

These women have quietly been making great moves and waves, innovating great tech ideas, and being part of the forerunners of major companies that are reverenced. They have been given several global awards for their massive contribution to humanity through their products and the awesome services they offer.

In this article, we will be taking a peek into the life, journey, and business experiences of an outstanding woman who, in over 50 years of her life on earth, has been found contributing to the growth of her family, the community, the nation, and the world at large. One would likely not talk about the crucial topic of wireless connection or mobile devices and exclude the great Arlene Joy Harris.


Full NameArlene Joy Harris
Age[age date=”1999/03/03″ full=”1″]
Zodiac SignCancer
Place Of BirthToronto, Ontario, Canada
Date of death12 June, 1976
NationalityCanada 🇨🇦
Net Worth N/A

Arlene Harris Biography

Arlene Harris is popularly called the ‘First Lady of Wireless.’ She’s an entrepreneur, an investor, an inventor, and a policy advocate. She has easily been identified with the innovation in mobile and technology systems and wireless consumer products. She established and built several companies from scratch. She has headed many of the early cellular industry, and she holds several issued wireless communication patents.

In May 2007, she became the first woman inducted into the Wireless Hall of Fame. She’s the CEO and co-founder of Dyna LLC in Del Mar, California, where she works alongside her business partner and husband, Martin Cooper. She founded ‘We Think,’ a company built to deliver effortless user experiences.

Arlene Harris Early Life

She was born in Los Angeles, California. At the young age of 12, she was the mobile telephone switchboard operator for Industrial Communications Systems Inc (ICS), which was, back then, her family business. The company was sold to Metromedia in the year 1983. As a teenager, she already understood that being a part of the family’s business was a vital part of her life. She also got to be knowledgeable about the daily activities that go on in the company.

In 1969, she left ICS for Air Canada and Continental Airlines, helping to scale their business operations as they prepared for bigger airplanes. She, however, returned to her family’s business three years later.
In 1981, her family’s company, under her supervision and surveillance, developed ‘Life Page,’ which was the first wireless consumer healthcare app. This program was made to enable pagers to transplant the organs of recipients. After that, she expanded the program into the National Trade Association for Independent Wireless Operators, which became the Personal Communications Industry Association.

Her family’s company, ICS, established the state-of-the-art communication under her directive. It became the world’s largest single-city paging system, a great feat. This also made ICS among the first of the business category to create online computer systems that handle the offers of the company’s business subscribers.
In 1972, as ICS kept selling directly to various businesses, it began to support the first wholesale wireless service in the world. This wholesale model brought about the promotion of growth and value for the shareholders of ICS, the partners, and the suppliers.

In 1982, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandated ICS to continue its resale concept. This mandate was given because of the achievement that ICS had pulled up using its wholesale strategy of giving convenient opportunities for its partners and its adoption by its new subscribers.

Arlene Harris Husband

Arlene’s husband is known as Marty Cooper. He’s a pioneer in the wireless telecommunications industry. He’s also an engineer. He was born on the 26th of December, 1928, and he’s popularly referred to as ‘The Father of The Cellphone.’

In 1950, Cooper graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He worked for a while as a Navy submarine officer, and he later became a producer of military radios at Motorola.

In 1970, he came up with the idea and innovation of creating a two-way radio known as the ‘Car Phone.’

In 1983, he resigned from Motorola and began establishing his business, building chains of companies in the telecom and cellular industry. From 1983 onwards, he became a serial entrepreneur and has made millions of dollars thus far.

Arlene Harris Net Worth

Arlene is a very successful businesswoman in the telecom industry and has raked in millions of dollars over the years through the various companies she runs and manages.

Her actual net worth was kept from the public, and she has intentionally kept away her earnings from the internet. But one can easily guess her net worth from all the companies she owns.

Her husband, Martin Cooper, has earned a total net worth of $600 million. One can easily infer that her net worth should be in the circle of that of her husband because they have worked together as business partners for a long number of years. And Arlene has been an additional success in the life of Cooper, her husband.

Both couples have been managing several businesses in the telecom industry.


Arlene Harris and Cooper can finely be referred to as the power couple. Managing the companies and their private marital affairs successfully is a great feat. For years, they have grown, learned from their mistakes, and achieved many huge achievements as business and marriage partners.

Arlene Harris, on the other hand, is a highly inspiring woman to all business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as aspiring ones, that no matter how tough the business line is, one can still be very successful when there’s dedication, determination, and courage. Awesome and inspiring lessons, indeed!

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