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Alex Hartley Biography, There are sports in the entertainment space besides music, movies and comedy. Sports are entertainment ventures that connect people of different tribes, races, and nations in peace and unity. This is one avenue where there’s always peace.

The aura around sporting activities is so relieving that it keeps the body, mind and soul together.

In the news we often hear, watch and read, there are usually more talks on football and basketball, but other great sporting activities are seldom discussed. Some other sporting activities are very cool and help the mind and soul refresh; these include cycling, swimming, car racing, badminton, hockey, volleyball, table tennis, lawn tennis, cricket and many others.

For this article, we will look at these other sports that are hardly spoken about and one young and good athlete doing great in her sports. She’s young, energetic, courageous and outstanding in her field events. We are talking about the beautiful athlete called Alex Hartley.


Full NameAlex Hartley
Age[age date=”1993/10/06″ full=”1″]
 Place Of BirthBlackburn
Net Worth$5 million

Alex Hartley Age and Background

Alex, whose full name is Alexandra Hartley, is a cricketer born in England. She was born on the 6th of September, 1993. She’s currently 30 years old as of 2023.
She bats right-handed and bowls orthodox with her left arm. She’s left-handed, so the left arm is always the dominant arm.

She made her first international debut in June 2016, playing against the Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team at the County Ground in Taunton.

The Middlesex Women’s Cricket and the Lancashire Women’s Cricket Teams include her in their lineups.
She was chosen to join the ICC Women’s One-Day International Team players in the year 2017, and the team won the game.

Alex Hartley Career

When she was 14, she represented her county and batted fit Lancashire. She made one wicket out of 26 in 10 overs. This resulted in the team winning by four runs.

The following season, she helped the team win a tie for the first position in the County Championship, with results showing 9 wickets at a median score of 24.33 runs per wicket.

She was chosen to participate in the England Under-17s workers in South Africa in 2010 for the Women’s Development Tournament. At the end of the tournament in 2010, she had finished with 19 wickets at a score of 12.47.
In the later years of her career, she kept her passion alive and helped the team give fantabulous performances. She had an awesome performance in the List A bowling against Scotland, and her statistics at that time read 6/23.

She took home the most wickets for the Lancashire team overall in the Women’s County Championship 2011.

However, she performed poorly with low grade points at the Lancashire Academy and England Academy, where she was enrolled. She got expelled for her poor performance.

In 2012, she represented the Rubies team in the Super Fours competition. In their friendly match against the Sapphires, she got two wickets and 28 runs after ten overs to her credit.

She was also one of the workers for the Under-19 World Cup. She won the title of state championship on two different occasions. At 16, she was promoted to captain the country-wide workforce.
She’s an energetic athlete who has performed in various sporting activities such as hockey, extreme leap, basketball, badminton, desk tennis and chess.
She’s young and has many years to add more wins to the ones she has. She also developed new methods and ways to succeed in her sportswoman career.

She’s fortunate to have started as a young lass. It will give her more time to acquire many experiences that would help her and reinforce her prowess to be outstanding in her career.
Alex Hartley Family

She lives with her parents in Lancashire, England. She’s a current member of the Lancashire, North West Thunder and the Welsh Fire ensembles. Her father is David Hartley, and her mother is Julia Hartley.

Alex Hartley Social Media

She’s young and vibrant. This makes her active on social media. She has various pages and handles on different social media sites. She posts images of herself most times having a good time with family and friends, spending money on luxury and entertainment. She loves spending time with close relatives; she bonds so well with them around her. It assures her she’s not alone on this great journey to being a successful, world-class woman. She keeps her many followers updated on her fun movements and her wins in her career. She also engages in vacations to various beautiful resorts around the world. Having fun when she’s not on the field playing.

Alex Hartley Net Worth

Alex Hartley, a prominent cricketer hailing from the United Kingdom, is recognized as one of the wealthiest personalities in the sport. Multiple reputable sources, including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, estimate Alex Hartley’s net worth to be around $5 million.


Alex’s journey from her teenage days clearly explains that right from a tender age, anyone can discover their talent and use it fully for their benefit. Ignoring every limitation and setting your eyes on the goal can easily propel you into attaining higher heights. Also, you can thrive much easier when you follow a path people rarely notice.

Alex found this path and seized the opportunity to excel in that direction. She served as a great example to the young dreamers willing to achieve greater heights by discovering their talents and things they are passionate about. The young child can set a standard and work quite hard and smart to get to that standard. Moreso, while trying to attain these heights, one should also nurture the habit of working as a team with other people. Contributing one’s quota to the team’s success can help one get to one’s desired dream place faster. Alex understood the power of teamwork and what it takes to be successful when every member works in unison. Alex is a role model to many uprising sports stars.

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