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There are people who, over the years, spent quality time and the best part of their lives gathering various work experiences and being a sensation plus a sought-after person in their careers before becoming an independent business person.

These people are already masters in their career games and have a strong footing in handling their jobs. They are also the kind of people who waste no time grasping any opportunity that would make them excel to become the platform in which they reach the peak of their careers. In this article, we will look at the lifestyle, history, and career success of one of the top video journalists on Twitter, with millions of views worldwide. Our area of concentration is on the famous Twitter independent journalist Aaron Rapur.

Who Is Aaron Rapur?

Aaron Rupar is a popular Twitter sensation known for sharing thought-provoking videos with his millions of followers.

He was born on the 4th of October, 1983, in the US. He’s a popular journalist who worked as an editor for Vox, and the style in which he gives reports on politics and everything surrounding it. He was the associate editor for Think Progress between the year 2016 to 2018.

Aaron Rupar Career

While pursuing his Master’s degree at Minnesota, Rupar worked as an assistant teacher there. In 2010, started there as a staff writer for Minnesota Premier Publication. Then, by 2011, he started working at Voice Media Group as a staff writer. He resigned from there in October 2014.

In November 2014, he was employed by Fox9 to work as their social media manager, assignment desk editor, and online reporter. He worked there till six months later when he left in 2015 to start to serve the House DFL. He worked there as the digital media coordinator for the state of Minnesota, where he managed the social media accounts, graphics, and films. He did this till February 2016, when he left for another job.

In February 2016, he worked as an Associate Editor for the Center for American Progress. He served there till 2018.

He moved to Vox Media Inc., where he was offered a job as an Assistant Editor in politics. He finally resigned from Vox Media three years later to focus fully on running his own business in journalism.
Rapur was a goal-getter. He served under various companies, spending little time working under them. During this period, he gathered more knowledge, understood how the journalism business runs, developed more skills in social media management, discovered other hidden talents that he must have developed, and gathered more fans and lovers of his job as he moved from one firm to the other, accepting various job offers and accepting various job interviews.

Rapur worked hard to gather fans and increase his fan base on social media while moving from one place to another. He was also upgrading his CV as he did so, making himself more employable and job-worthy.

Aaron Rupar Twitter

Any conversant news follower on Twitter may have come across a video posted by Aaron Rupar. He’s one of the leading top video posters on Twitter, with almost 25,000 video clips posted on Twitter, and this has garnered over 4 billion views. He’s well-known for posting upsetting videos from various cable news showing the White House press conference, the House and Senate floor members and meetings, and so many other videos relating to politics in America. He’s also fond of adding his comments alongside the videos he posts, making thought-provoking comments that spring up various reactions and contributions from his followers. Putting all together, his videos thus far have gathered over 60 million likes, quote tweets, retweets, and replies.

He began his video posts through Snapstream when he was a writer for ThinkProgress. He continued making his videos go viral when he moved to Vox. When he started, he had less than 7,000 followers, but he got up to 900,000 followers when he started gaining popularity on Twitter. He began to gather monetary gains when he converted his Twitter followers into paid subscribers to his newsletter. He has reached out to subscribers way beyond his followers; he achieved this by posting referral links attached to his Snapstream-enabled viral video threads.

Many tweeters find his handle quite interesting as they have several topics that cut across politics and the present societal happenings and a reason to see exciting conversations to which they can contribute their thoughts.
So far, Rapur has been tactical enough to put the videos he sends to the public together. He said that he takes quality time to ensure that his videos stay in the context of what it’s meant for, even though he makes them seem as captivating as always. He makes his viewers see the juicy part of the video he shares without boring them with long, uninteresting details.

A renowned media consultant, David Clinch, once said that Rupar’s various experiences with various organizations as a journalist propelled him into becoming the successful private journalist he has become. He further said anyone can decide to post videos, but it takes an experienced journalist to know the exact periods to post them.

Rupar has created a niche for himself as a successful independent journalist. As an independent journalist, Rapur has made much more income than all the years he spent serving at different firms.
His net worth has been estimated to be around $2million.

Aaron Rupar Twitter Suspension

In December 2022, some Twitter accounts got suspended. Aaron Rupar was one of those whose Twitter account got suspended.

According to the owner, Elon Musk, in his tweet, said that the suspended accounts of the journalists violated his doxxing policy when they shared his exact real-time location. This was the only reason he gave for suspending the Twitter accounts.

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