Bobrisky Mocks Celebrities Who Ridiculed Him When He Was Still Coming Up, Brags He’s Richer Than Them Now (Video)

Bobrisky has mocked Nigerian celebrities who laughed at him, insulted and ridiculed him when he was still struggling and broke.
According to him, he is now richer than those celebrities who looked down on him.
In a video posted on his Instagram page, the Nigerian crossdresser added that he now has more Instagram followers than many of these celebrities, though he didn’t mention any names.
Listing his luxury cars, Bobrisky said:
”Guys, if you notice me when I was becoming so famous,like about two to three years ago, a lot of celebrities insulted me, they looked down on me, but now I have them in the number of followers. They know themselves. I have a Bentlley, they don’t have any car.”
Watch the video below:

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Bobrisky mocks celebrities who insulted and looked down on him when he was still upcoming and not as rich as he is now
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