360Downloads: Swagga Don – Afrikan Avatar (Album)

Swagga Don is a veteran producer, composer, and writer (he was a writer for the U.K famous pop group ‘Hot Chocolate’ and UK manager for the late Marvin Gaye) He has now developed the exciting new genre ‘swagga music’, reflected in the different tracks of this unique African Caribbean music cross-fertilization in the album “Afrikan Avatar”.
Listen to “Afrikan Avatar”, put on your dancing shoes, imagine yourself in any Afrikan townships, and be influenced,  be spiritual, be loved in an Afrikan way, feel the Afrikan life n the African vibe. Immerse yourself in the Afrikan spirit, let Swagga Don captivate you and take you on an Afrikan musical journey.  Stream on Apple Music

Buy/stream Here >>> “Afrikan Avatar” on DSPs

Swagga Don · Afrikan Avatar

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